2016 Calendar of American cannabis events and cups

Here you have a list of the most important American cannabis events and cups for 2016, where you can meet amateurs and professionals of the sector. Do not hesitate to attend these events if you have the chance, it is an excellent opportunity to become an active part of the cannabis community!

HempCon Cup, Bakersfield, 8-10 January

The cannabis cup of HempCon, an event especially focused on medical marijuana, with dispensaries, legal services, care givers, etc. There are other HempCon editions across the USA: San Francisco, Las Vegas, etc.

The HempCon Cup will also be held during these days, with growers, breeders, extract artists, edible chefs and many more!

2016 HempCon

2016 HempCon

More info: hempcon.com/showsbakers.html

Indo Expo Trade Show, Denver, 30-31 January

A trade show for professionals of the cannabis industry, who can meet new enterpreneurs and pursue business. A perfect place to build new professional relationships between brands and companies.

Product demonstrations, seminars, workshops, classes…Connect, learn and share at Indo Expo Trade Show.

2016 Indo Expo Trade Show

2016 Indo Expo Trade Show

More info: indoexpoco.com

High Times Socal Cannabis Cup, San Bernardino, 30-31 January and 5-7 February

High Times, a magazine based in New York, has been involved with the cannabis community since 1974 and organizes this event anually in different parts of the world: Jamaica, California, Oregon, etc.

This event is about anything relatetd to marijuana, from growing systems to the different ways to ingest cannabis. This year’s edition will be held over two weekends in San Bernardino, California. A mandatory visit for any cannabis lover!

2016 High Times Socal Cannabis Cup

2016 High Times Socal Cannabis Cup

More info: cannabiscup.com

Marijuana Investor Summit & Business Expo, San Francisco, 3-5 March

An event held in San Francisco, California focused on educating company owners and investors involved in the marijuana sector.

Among the speakers, we find Ed Rosenthal, Ethan Nadelmann – Executive Director of Drug Policy Alliance – Randy Shipley – CEO of Cannafund – Chris Bunka – CEO of Lexari Energy- and many more!

2016 Marijuana Investors Summit & Business Expo

2016 Marijuana Investors Summit & Business Expo

More info: sanfrancisco.marijuanainvestorsummit.com/2016/

Denver High Times Cannabis Cup, Denver, 16-17 April

descarga(Event date and location subject to change)

One of the most important marijuana festivals, it gathers professionals, vendors, celebrities and cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world, who enjoy two days in company of other marijuana lovers.

The event includes concerts, a trade show, speeches and, of course, the cannabis cup.

More info: cannabiscup.com/denver/

Canna-Bliss Music Festival, Melbourne, 3 days, April

3 days of music concerts of all kinds, food stalls, education and lots of cannabis friends in support of medical marijuana and hemp products.

More than 20 bands will rock the place, do not miss it and visit beautiful Florida!

Cannabliss Music Festival

Cannabliss Music Festival

More info: eventful.com/melbourne_fl/events/cannabliss-festival-/E0-001-074302102-6

Annual 4/20 events, worldwide, 20 April

Commemorating the international cannabis day, several events will be held in the most important cities of the world in support of our beloved plant.

A nice chance to show the world that we are just peaceful people who enjoy growing plants!

420 is a day to claim for cannabis legalization

420 is a day to claim for cannabis legalization (Flickr)

Global marijuana march, worldwide, around 7 May

This annual parade is held in different cities and countries across the world. It is usually held on the first Saturday of May and includes marches, meetings, rallies, raves, concerts, festivals and more!

2016 Global Marijuana March

2016 Global Marijuana March

More info: GMM-420 events

Lift Cannabis Expo, Toronto, 28-29 May

A perfect place to learn about one of the fastest growing industries of North America, which gathers consumers, professionals, enterpreneurs, job seekers from both America and Europe.

Seed banks, nutrient companies, dispensaries and clinics, hydroponics manufacturers, and many more will gather in Toronto to have a wider knowledge of the cannabis industry.

2016 Lift Cannabis Expo

2016 Lift Cannabis Expo

More info: liftexpo.ca

Cannabis Business Summit, Oakland, 20-22 June

This Californian event describes itself as “the only event where senators, congressional representatives and policy influencers converge with industry leaders and entrepreneurs to shape the cannabis economy.”

As the name suggests, it is mainly focused on business and policy reform.

2016 Cannabis Business Summit Expo

2016 Cannabis Business Summit and Expo

More info: cannabisbusinesssummit.com

Chalice California, San Bernardino, 9-10 July

An event strickly aimed towards medical marijuana and focused on cannabis concentrates and extracts. Music, glass art, speeches and the awards ceremony for the best concentrates…what else can we ask for?

2016 Chalice California

2016 Chalice California

More info: chalicecalifornia.com

Annual 7/10 events, worldwide, 10 July

A recently established annual event, in which lovers of dabbing and butane honey oil concentrates (BHO) celebrate their passion. Grab your best bubbler and BHO and just dab it!

If you turn 710 upside down it spells out “oil”.

BHO dab

BHO dab (Picture: Andres Rodriguez)

Seattle Hempfest, Seattle, 19-21 August

Seattle Hempfest is probably one of the largest gatherings of cannabis lovers demanding legislation reform of marijuana. This festival is free includes speakers, music bands, business and many more!

This year’s edition will be the 25th, so Seattle Hempfest is a protestival that you can’t miss!

Seattle Hempfest

Seattle Hempfest

More info: hempfest.org

Boston Freedom Rally, Boston, 26-27 September

The 27th edition of this classic annual freedom rally will gather once again people asking to end the prohibition on cannabis. An event focused on marijuana reform in which everyone is welcome. Bands, speeches, vendors and lots of cannabis lovers!

2016 Boston Freedom Rally

2016 Boston Freedom Rally

More info: The Boston Freedom Rally FB

Lift Cannabis Expo Vancouver, Vancouver, Fall 2016

Lift has announced that their first medical cannabis expo will be held this fall in Vancouver.

Lift Cannabis Expo

Lift Cannabis Expo

More info: Lift Cannabis Expo Vancouver

Emerald Cup, Santa Rosa, 10-11 December

A new edition of this prestigious cup will be held at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California. This cup gathers growers, breeders, extract artists, patients and cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy the good vibes, music concerts, speeches, etc. The cup is focused on outdoor cannabis strains.

It’s not a coincidence that the Rolling Stone magazine calls this event “the Academy Awards of the cannabis industry.”

2016 Emerald Cup

2016 Emerald Cup

More info: theemeraldcup.com

We’ll be updating this post as soon as we have more events, dates and places confirmed…Stay tuned!

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