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Deciding which cannabis variety to grow is not always an easy task because, apart from factors such as the desired characteristics of the final product, our choice may depend on other, no less important, aspects such as the local climate or the natural photoperiod in our area. As such, we often receive inquiries from countries near the equator, where the photoperiod sometimes plays tricks on the grower, who ends up with plants that have not grown enough to give a satisfactory harvest.

For these cases, today we'd like to recommend a series of varieties from one of the most prestigious seed banks we have in stock: ACE Seeds. Known throughout the world for their impressive pure varieties and the hybrids created from them, ACE Seeds offers a range of Sativa-dominant plants that can solve many of the problems that these growers face.

Nepalese sativas are famous for producing charas
Nepalese sativas are famous for producing charas

Natural photoperiod and plant size

Outdoors, the final size of the plant is determined - as in indoor cultivation - by several factors, one of them the photoperiod that the plants receive. As we know, once they have reached sexual maturity, most varieties will start to flower as soon as the photoperiod is about 12 hours of light (or less) a day. The nearer to the Earth's Equator we get, the more constant the photoperiod is, with less difference between the number of hours of light and darkness that the plants receive.

For this reason, many growers in these areas have problems with the final size of their plants, as they enter flowering before they have had time to reach sufficient size and, as a result, the harvest is significantly reduced. They may get flowers of good size and excellent quality but in much less quantity than expected. What can we do to prevent this? We have several options, for example installing supplementary lighting systems that we connect for a few hours a day to lengthen the photoperiod (and, therefore, the growth phase) of the plants.

However, the first thing we like to recommend in these cases is to cultivate cannabis varieties that have good vegetative vigour so that, no matter how short the growth period, the plants can reach a considerable height and, therefore, an adequate size by the end of cultivation and start the harvest phase. As many of you may have guessed, Sativa varieties or Sativa-dominant hybrids will be the right fit for this purpose, and we can leave out Indicas or strains with a predominance of these genetics.

Growing marijuana basing on latitude

Growth and flowering of cannabis depends directly on the hours of light to which the marijuana plant is exposed, so it is very important to be aware of the geographical area in the world where each strain is grown. Daylight hours differ in each area depending on the season. This article tells you when it is recommended to start growing marijuana based on the country and the region you are... We also give you some advice on suitable strains for each area, according to your preferences and needs.

Ace Seeds' Sativa strains for outdoor cultivation

Ace Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that needs no introduction. Their extensive catalogue, which keeps being extended by a solid collection of genetics from all over the world, is known for its high number of premium hybrids, many of which stem from landrace strains native to some of the world's most popular areas in terms of traditional cannabis cultivation.

One of their most popular plants is Pakistan Chitral Kush by ACE seeds, a beautiful Indica with awesome purple tones they have used to develop numerous hybrids of excellent quality. But today we are focusing on their Sativa and Sativa-dominant hybrids collection, so those of you who don’t enjoy optimal growing conditions in terms of natural photoperiod can make the most out of them.

Let's see some of the Ace Seeds’ genetics we recommended to maximize outdoor harvests in areas that need especially vigorous and productive plants.

Landrace Sativa strains by Ace Seeds

Among this seed bank extensive Sativa range we find some outstanding plants that are especially difficult to obtain by other means, and have been demonstrating their quality for years. The flowering times of these strains are a bit longer than those of some balanced Indica/Sativa hybrids, though they compensate this problem with excellent harvests in regions where plants tend to bloom after a few weeks of growth.

These are some of the most popular:


If you ask Sativa lovers for their favorites strains in terms of effects, many of them will tell you the same: African genetics! Indeed, African varieties are known throughout the world for their powerful mental, uplifting and happy highs that do not leave indifferent to any fans of this type of experience. Malawi by Ace Seeds, which you can find in feminized version, needs about 11-14 weeks to finish flowering, although we can assure you it’s a time well invested!

In addition, Malawi is highly resistant to pathogenic fungi, which is always a great advantage, especially in climates with a high level of humidity. This strain’s fast growth makes it perfect for many different pruning and/or training techniques, and its intense woody flavour with citrus notes will delight the most gourmets of growers.

Malawi is an excellent producer
Malawi is an excellent producer

Nepal Annapurna

If you are looking for a vigorous plant resistant to fungi, pests, and adverse weather conditions, we recommend giving Ace Seeds’ Nepal Annapurna a try. It’s a landrace native to the Annapurna region (one of the planet's 14 mountains over 8,000 meters), in the heart of Nepal. Generally harvested at heights of about 2,000 meters above sea level, and used to make the famous Nepalese charas hashish, this slender Sativa plant produces long colas during the flowering period, which lasts 12-14 weeks.

With a very peculiar morphology and very long and flexible lateral branches, this variety’s shape resembles that of a fir, with long internodal distances. In addition, its nutritional needs are rather low, not needing a big feed to produce excellent harvests. You will find it in our shop in the form of regular seeds.

Nueva Caledonia

To introduce this strain, we have to quote one of the breeders at Ace Seeds: "the best landrace sativa we have offered in many years". Knowing the quality of this company’s Sativa genetics, it sounds very promising. Nueva Caledonia by Ace Seeds offers an explosive vigour in terms of growth and can reach heights of 4 meters in optimal conditions, with a flowering period of 13-14 weeks.

With a high that boost creativity and euphoria, it's one of those Sativa strains that one can’t stop loving, especially if we take into account its delicious flavor, a tropical fruit cocktail with hash and musky notes that melt in your mouth, for an experience you won’t forget. An excellent option if you are looking for a very vigorous growing strain, available in regular seeds.

Ace Seeds' Sativa-dominant hybrids

Ace Seeds stand out for their amazing hybrids created with some of the best landrace varieties in the world. As we have already mentioned, they offer several crosses between pure Sativa genetics and their well-known PCK (Pakistan Chitral Kush), although today we are focusing on their Sativa-dominant hybrids, which guarantee a vigorous growth even in regions where it’s very difficult to obtain good-sized plants.

Nepal Jam

Nepal Jam by Ace Seeds represents the union of two of their most sought-after Sativa specimens. On the one hand, Nepal Annapurna, which we have just seen, and on the other a spectacular 80's Jamaican line cross-bred during six generations (F6) in order to hone its best traits. This weed offers a stimulating and very pleasant high combined with a sweet aroma of citrus fruits and fresh notes that linger on the palate.

In addition, Nepal Jam can be found both in feminized and regular forms, and it's an excellent candidate for breeding projects in need of plants with noticeable Sativa traits and good resistance to fungi and pests.

Bangi Haze

Without a doubt, a very familiar strain for many fans of this seed bank! Bangi Haze by Ace Seeds is a cross between Nepal and Congo, one of our favorite plants from their extensive catalogue. With a very high resistance to fungi, and harvests similar to those of numerous commercial hybrids, Bangi Haze is also one of the plants by Ace Seeds that are best adapted to indoor growing under artificial lights.

This strain has a short flowering time for a plant of these characteristics, and it’s ready to be harvested at the beginning of October in the North hemisphere. We also have to emphasize its stability (after all, we are talking about an F8 or eighth generation cross!), which is highly recommended for growers looking for the same traits in all their plants. As the previous strain, Bangi Haze can be found in both feminized and regular forms.

Banghi Haze grown in soil
Banghi Haze grown in soil


We can't talk about Ace Seeds' Sativa strains without mentioning Zamaldelica by ace seeds! The result of a cross between Malawi's Killer clone and the famous Zamal from Reunion Island, this 100% Sativa specimen combines the best of both parents to offer a fast-growing plant that soon will become the queen of the garden, with a reputation that precedes it.

With flowering times usually ending in late October or early November in the northern hemisphere, and very high resistance to fungi such as botrytis and mildew, this strain rewards its growers with premium quality buds and complex flavours, with aromas which are a mixture of fruits like mango and orange. Its intense energetic and psychedelic high is only recommended for veteran Sativa users! Zamaldelica can be found as regular, feminized and auto-flowering seeds.

We invite you to browse Ace Seeds’ catalogue and discover all the treasures you can find among its varieties. The truth is we have only taken a quick look at the many Sativa-dominant genetics they offer, so if you are looking for a plant with fast and vigorous growth and an uplifting high, remember that Ace Seeds offers true gems!

Happy harvesting!

The articles published by Alchimiaweb, S.L. are reserved for adult clients only. We would like to remind our customers that cannabis seeds are not listed in the European Community catalogue. They are products intended for genetic conservation and collecting, in no case for cultivation. In some countries it is strictly forbidden to germinate cannabis seeds, other than those authorised by the European Union. We recommend our customers not to infringe the law in any way, we are not responsible for their use.

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