Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 is a portable vaping device manufactured by the prestigious company Arizer, which has also developed other vaporisers like Arizer Solo, Arizer Air or its desktop version, Arizer Extrem Q.

In this case, Arizer have focused their efforts on improving the features and performance of one of the most popular portable vaporisers, the Arizer Solo. Thus, the new version comes with amazing new characteristics which increase compatibility with the user.

Arizer Solo 2 complete set
Arizer Solo 2 complete set

Arizer Solo 2 features

Arizer Solo 2 is  robust, compact, elegant and highly reliable vaping device, easy to use and clean. The shape is similar to its predecesor, with perfect ergonomics and very convenient to use. It measures 11cm in height, 4,5cm wide and 3,3cm in depth, being easy to carry almost anywhere.

It is available in two elegant and appealing colours, carbon black and mystic blue. Both the upper and lower pieces are silver, which contrasts with the vaporiser colour.

The Oled display shows the current vaping temperature and is also used to check the other features. Right below the display we have 3 control buttons, two arrows (with which we can set the temperature and access other features) and the on/off button.

The Oled display of the Arizer Solo 2
The Oled display of the Arizer Solo 2

One of the most remarkable innovations is the temperature control system. We can now set it in 1-degree and 10-degree increments, giving us the freedom of choice without the need for any app. The heating element is fast and efficient, and it only takes 30 seconds to be ready to produce dense and thick clouds.

Arizer Solo 2 requires little maintenance. We just have to clean the boro-silicate glass aroma tube with some alcohol and soap to enjoy fresh, flavourful hits. The high quality medical grade components ensure fresh, pure and tasty clouds!

How to use Arizer Solo 2

Before using the device for the first time we must sterilize it. This process must be done only once, and is as easy as follows: turn on the device and a 6-second countdown will appear on the display.

After the countdown, a smiling face saying "Hi!" appears on the display. The device starts now to raise the temperature to 158ºC (default temp). We must raise it with the corresponding button to 220ºC, its maximum temperature.

The Arizer Solo 2 aroma tube
The Arizer Solo 2 aroma tube

Once the maximum temperature is reached, leave the vaporiser until it turns off automatically (10 minutes). Repeat the process three times before using the device for the first time to remove any trace of oils or impurities.

Arizer Solo 2 user options

This awesome vaporizer comes with different setup options. To customize them, simply push the round central button several times.

  • Temperature control: Use the arrow buttons to raise/lower the temperature.
  • Volume: change the volume of the beeping sound.
  • Auto switch-off control: Set the desired time before the vaporiser shuts down (max. 10 minutes).
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit degrees
  • Display brightness

Once our device is properly sterilized and configured it is ready to use. Load the heating chamber with dried, ground weed to increase the production of vapour.

Accessories for the Arizer Solo 2
Accessories for the Arizer Solo 2

We recommend a vaping temperature of 190-210ºC, gradually raising the temperature through the course of the vaping session. In this way you'll take profit from all cannabinoids and terpenes.

This vaporiser is not suitable for resin extracts and concentrates like BHO or Rosin.

Arizer Solo 2 included accessories:

  • 1x long boro-silicate aroma tube
  • 1x short boro-silicate aroma tube
  • 1x boro-silicate aroma dish
  • 4x replacement screens
  • 1x battery charger (can be used while charging)
  • 1x carrying case with belt clip
  • 1x cleaning tool
  • 1x lavender aromatherapy bag

Happy vaping!!

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