The Firefly vaporizer

Firefly, elegant design and quality vapor

Firefly vaporizer
Firefly vaporizer

Join the new vapor era with the Firefly portable vaporizer, designed by two former Apple engineers based in Seattle who gave a really nice finish to the product, making it as flashy as efficient. The Firefly comes with a 5 year warranty.

Available in different colors, glossy and metallic, it is an eye catcher that will drawn you, and once you get catch, surprise you with its splendid features.

It?s not just nice and simple to use, but hides an advanced technology that regulates the heat control, making it extremely accurate thanks to the dynamic convection system (heating the air before it reaches the weed, instead of heating the herb by contact) and the electronic temperature control.

Going into detail, the device weighs 278g and measures 13.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm, so it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and it is very comfortable to carry. It is made of colored aluminium on the outside and colorless aluminium on the inside, so it is completely neutral and leaves no additional flavours.

From above, we realize that the entire front panel is actually the cover, attached to the body by magnets. There is an area on the cover with a small window that allows us to see the process of vaporization of the weed at any time.

Remove the cover to acces the interior of the device
Remove the cover to acces the interior of the device

If we remove the cover we see the vapor circuit, from the heating chamber and towards the mouthpiece. To ensure a proper sealing, it has a rubber all around the cover to prevent vapor leaks.

Remove the cover to access the heating chamber, made of borosilicate glass with a metal grid at the bottom which holds the weed right above the heater.

The heater is made of a food grade metal alloy, made in USA, not like the cheap heaters based in Nickel Chromium which are usually damaged after heating and cooling a few times.

On the back of the device we find a lid that covers a removable Li-Ion 7.4V, 770mA battery which lasts about 50 inhalations.

On the right side we find the heating button, while on the left side there is the power button and the battery plug.

How to use the Firefly

Plug the vaporizer with the supplied cable to charge the battery. It takes around 45-60 minutes to be fully charged, being faster than other portable vaporizers that take hours to charge.

While charging the blue LED flashes, remaining illuminated when it is ready.

As the battery is removable, having several batteries gives us the extra autonomy that many users of portable vaporizers have been missing in other models, making it one of its best features.

Firefly battery
Firefly battery

As we can see, Firefly listens to the costumers, offering a solid, well deigned and alternative option to the vaporizer market.

Once it is fully charged, grind your buds using a grinder, remove the cover and fill the heating chamber without compacting the ground material so the air flows properly.

Put the cover and turn on the vaporizer with the left side button; the LED will turn green and remain illuminated.

The next step is pressing the heating button (right side), holding it between 5 to 10 seconds (less time, less temperature). The heater reaches a maximum temperature of 205ºC to prevent burning the grass thanks to the electronic temperture limiter. Thus, we just have to press and inhale through the mouthpiece, in a very similar way than we'd use the Magic Flight vaporizer.

While the bowl is heating we will see how the electric resistance will light orange. We can choose 3 different inhalation modes, as indicated in the user?s guide; hold the heating button from 5 to 7 seconds and then release and keep inhaling softly to keep a low vaping temperature, getting medium density vapor and plenty of flavour.

To get a higher density vapor we can also inhale strongly to keep a higher temperature, but the flavour will fade away as we will toast the grass faster.

Finally, we can inhale softly as we hold and release the heating button to swing the temperature and achieve the balance between density and flavour that we like; that is what the manufacturer calls the Vapor Surfing.

Borosiloicate bowl of the Firefly
Borosiloicate bowl of the Firefly

Maintenance and cleaning of the Firefly vaporizer

One of the great advantages of the Firefly is that it requires little maintenance, as it has just a few parts to clean. We just have to remove the bits of weed remaining in the bowl with the included cleaning brush and change the metal screen when it is too old or obstructed, using the plastic cleaning picks (also included).

The inside of the cover, the window, and the part around the bowl can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in alcohol or with cleaning wipes like the 420 Wipes. Allow it to dry before the next use.

The mouthpiece is easily cleaned: just use the plastic cleaning picks to remove any small bits that may obstruct it.

Online Firefly cleaning guide

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