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General Organics

The new General Organics nutrients are finally available in Alchimia Grow Shop!!!

This line of organic fertilizers (General Organics) is widely known and used in California, where growers use it since 2008. Now you have this whole range of nutrients available in our catalog. As you know, we want to offer the best products on the market, and there's no doubt about the quality of GO.

This range of products consists of 2 base nutrients and 6 natural additives, all of them suitable for organic farming. The ingredients contained in these fertilizers are entirely vegan, containing seaweed, sugar cane and mined minerals. Furthermore, you can use these products alone or in combination with other GHE nutrients and supplements.

This range of nutrients has been formulated to provide life to the soil, adding and feeding micro-organisms which highly promote plant development. General Organic nutrients can be used with all kind of soil mixes and also with coco coir.

Fertilizers for cannabis

  • Bio Thrive Grow and Bio Thrive Bloom are base nutrients for the growth and bloom stages of the cannabis plant. They contain compounds based on various natural sources (alfalfa and soybean flour, seaweed, molasses, sugar cane ...), and are highly concentrated (1-2 ml/L) and very effective. General Organics nutrients are formulated to promote both vigorous growth and abundant flowering, enhancing the development of the root system. They also feed the beneficial myco-bacterial life of the soil.

General Organics range
General Organics range

Supplements for cannabis

  • Bio Root Plus is a root stimulator containing natural vitamins and amino acids which help the plants to quickly develop a healthy and abundant root system. It also helps mature plants to maintain healthy roots and works excellent with cuttings and transplants.
  • Bio Worm is a liquid worm humus or Vermicompost extract containing large amounts of micro-organisms (beneficial for both the plant and the microbial life of the soil) and more than 60 nutrient elements.
  • Bio Weed is a liquid cold-processed seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum). It is an excellent growth stimulator that can be used either by irrigation or sprayed on the leaves (when it's even more effective). Seaweeds are known as stresss reducing agents and plant boosters.
  • Bio Bud is an organic bloom booster used to increase yields, improving the density of the floral clusters and the flavor of the dried buds.
  • Diamond Black is a new highly concentrated source of natural humates (humic and fulvic acids,...) which highly improves nutrient uptake. This supplement also improves the growth of microbial life and promote soil structure.
  • Urtica is a highly concentrated nettle slurry normally used as growth stimulator. It prevents chlorosis due to the high silica and iron content naturally found in nettles, and also acts as preventive and natural insecticide for some parasites.

Enjoy the power of General Organics nutrients with the GO Box, a perfect introduction to this top quality nutrients.

Happy harvests!

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