Meeting of cannabis women at Spannabis

The feminine side of cannabis

REMA: State network of anti-prohibitionist women
REMA: State network of anti-prohibitionist women

The fact that the cannabis community is capable of doing wonderful things is something already known and demonstrated.

From medicinal cannabis and all the volunteers involved in promoting and using it, to the fellowship feeling that one has in this sector, where people help each other instead of just competing, we are lucky to be a part of this awesome industry!

Another example of this is the vast number of persons studying the potential of cannabinoids and the possibilities that they bring to certain users. Also, those who deal with risk prevention, or activists who fight for the right of those who - as adults - want to use cannabis.

This spirit of partnership and fellowship permeates many aspects of the cannabis sector, mainly controlled by men until now.

Members of REMA at the Hemp Museum Gallery
Members of REMA at the Hemp Museum Gallery

This is one of the reasons why REMA was born - State Network of Anti-prohibitionist Women - to add a new dimension to the community in which the voices of women are also heard, women who are struggling for marijuana legalization as hard as men do.

Indeed, cannabis is a very "feminine" plant. First of all, female plants are what growers basically want, rather than males. Secondly, the first medicinal uses of cannabis were related to treat and relieve menstrual clamps, dysuria, to facilitate contractions during childbirth - and to treat pains after it - or to treat symptoms of menopause.

In the USA, the cannabis boom has already led many women to become entrepreneurs in this industry, while in Europe they are still pushed into the background. That's why REMA was born, trying to create a point of reference, information and shelter for any women in need of help or support, actually for anyone willing to actively participate in this sector with all the power of equality.

REMA: State Network of Anti-prohibitionist Women

REMA: Let's grow together!
REMA: Let's grow together!

The State network of anti-prohibitionist women was created by a group of professionals of the cannabis sector from different companies and organizations, who have joined forces to create an association based on alliances between them in a completely collaborative manner, whose main goal is the reform of drug policy in Spain but always from a feminine point of view.

They are sponsored by Alchimia Solidaria, Revista Cáñamo, Kannabia, Plantasur and We'Canna Consulting and have the support of many brands and associations like Reggae Seeds, PortalCannabis, Iceers, MarihuanaTV,  CatFac, Energy Control, WeedGest and Electrum Partners.

REMA was presented in society on February 24, although they have been working during all 2015 to develop a network of women (users or not) which promotes the position of women in the marijuana sector while encouraging them to join forces for this cause.

In this way, they want to encourage debate on cannabis legalization while informing women about the specific benefits of marijuana for them and the different uses, effects, etc.

I Meeting of Cannabis Women

REMA presentation at the Hemp Museum Gallery
REMA presentation at the Hemp Museum Gallery

March 10, 2016 is the chosen date for their first meeting, where the first activities will be performed and the project will be presented, of course in a very friendly and cheerful atmosphere.

With the support of Con Women Grow, all participants will meet very special guests - not unveiled yet - and will have the chance to join forces with this association, presented at the Hemp Museum Gallery (Barcelona) on February 25. You have all the info on their website, where you can also make your reservation for the meeting:

Furthermore, a couple of days later we'll also have the chance to go to their speech at 2016 Spannabis, which will be one of the activities of the World Cannabis Conferences. Thus, they'll present their project in this splendid event, surrounded by national and international experts, doctors, etc.

Do not miss it and come to the most important cannabis show in Europe to support them!

In support of cannabis, in support of REMA. Together we are stronger!

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