Organic grow of Prozack with 280W Phytolite LED panel

Cannabis Grow with 280w Phytolite LED

There are many growing systems that can be used to grow cannabis indoors. In this case we present you a lighting system for those growers who are looking for easy gardening but also demand quality harvests.

Thus, the grow tent used for this article was a 60 cm x 60 cm Darkroom with a 280w Phytolite Led panel.

Cannabis growing with Phytolite Leds
Cannabis growing with Phytolite Leds

LED lighting systems are known to have limited side diffusion, so this type of lighting system adapts perfectly to our grow area. We decided to grow four plants of the strain Prozack from Medical Seeds, all in 11.6L Smartpots.

A small clip fan was installed to move the air in the interior of the grow tent, as well as a 330 m3/h extractor fan which we connected to a GSE climate controller. A small 160 m3/h extractor would have been enough, but since we could adjust the power of the extractor with the GSE controller we used a 330m3/h fan at lower capacity, which is more silent than a less potent fan running at full power.

We chose Prozack for its typical Indica traits (it is the result of a cross between Lavender and Kush). It grows compact and develops short internodal distance, with the ideal structure for our LED system, which does not penetrate into the canopy as much as HPS lamps do.

As for the nutritional needs of the plants, we used solid nutrients from the start to avoid using liquid fertilizers. We enriched our soil with Aptus All in One, which is a 100% natural product rich in macro and micro nutrients and amino acids, necessary for proper development of the plants. We also added a bag of GHE Trichoderma to improve the absorption of the organic nutrients provided, and B.A.C. Organic PK Booster during the bloom stage to avoid any deficiency of these elements.

Equipment used for this grow report

  • 60x60x160 Grow tent
  • 280W Phytolite LED panel
  • 4 x 3.8L Smartpots + 4 x 11.6L Smarpots
  • Clip fan
  • RVK extractor fan
  • LED luminaries allow better control of the temperatures

Growing media and nutrition:

  • 50L Light Mix soil
  • 11L U-gro Pressed Coco brick
  • 100gr Aptus All-In-One
  • GHE Trichodermas
  • Aptus Mycor Mix
  • General Organics Bio Root +
  • B.A.C. Organik PK Booster

The substrate was prepared mixing the 50L of Light Mix and one 11L Pressed Coco brick (hydrated) with 100g of Aptus All in One and 10g of Trichoderma Harzarium from General Hydroponics.

Germination and growth of Prozack

We germinated our seeds between two damp paper towels. After 48 hours all the seeds had sprouted.

Prozack seeds germinating
Prozack seeds germinating

The germinated seeds were planted in Jiffy pellets, which were in turn transplanted into the 3,8L smartpots a couple of days later. The mycorrhizae was put in the hole made for the first transplant to ensure that it will get in contact with the roots, creating a sinergy from the very first moment.

The temperatures inside the tent were quite stable during the grow. We kept a relatively high humidity level (70 - 80%) during the first stages of the plants to have a more lush and healthy growth.

Adding Aptus Mycor during the transplant
Adding Aptus Mycor during the transplant

Our Prozack plants showed a very homogeneous growth pattern. The distance between nodes was really short, and the leaves were thick and broad and with a beautiful dark green color.

We watered the plants with just water every 3-4 days. We simply waited until the soil was dry enough between irrigations to maintain a heathy substrate, avoid problems with molds and stimulate the root system.

After 10 days into growth
After 10 days into growth

Pruning and transplanting during the growth

The tops of the plants were pruned after 10 days of growth and the main branches were cropped repeatedly. This allows the plant to develop a more compact structure , creating more branches and more elongated colas per m2.

These techniques slightly stress the plants, that is why it is important to avoid transplanting them right after/before pruning or cropping. You must wait a couple of days so the plant is completely recovered.

We cut the tops of the plants to improve lateral growth
We cut the tops of the plants to improve lateral growth

The transplant was performed after 3 weeks of growth, replacing the 3.8L Smartports for those of 11,6 L. The transplant is more delicate than with plastic pots, for the roots are usually attached to the bottom of the Smartpot.

An advantage of the Smarpots is that they retain few heat, and by using LED lamps we could provide an ideal environment for the development of our Prozack plants even if we had high temperatures in the house where the tent was placed.

Roots start growing through the smartpot
Roots start growing through the smartpot

It is normal if the roots of the plant pass through the geotextil fabric of the Smartpots. There won’t have any bad consequence for the health of your plants, and you can actually take this opportunity to observe the color and the development of the roots. Healthy roots must always be white.

Prozack after the apical prunning
Prozack plants after the apical prunning

We extended the growth stage for 4 weeks to allow this Indica genetics to develop nice side branches. We could have used the LST technique to bend the plant and improve light penetration into the canopy, but we wanted to see the real structure of the plant.

After 4 weeks of growth our plants had taken all the available space, so we switched the photoperiod to bloom (12 daily hours of uninterrupted light/darkness).

The start of bloom!
The start of bloom!

During this period the watering was performed with water, with no liquid fertilizers. We just used GHE's Bio Roots stimulator following the dosage recommended by the manufacturer and with no control of the pH.

The development of our Prozack plants was pretty vigorous for a Indica variety. Internodal spacing was really short, being one of the main traits of this variety. We must also stress that LED lighting has a important role in this compact development of plants.

Stretching and Flowering of Prozack from Medical Seeds

Our plants start the stretching phase
Our plants start the stretching phase

The stretch period lasted for 2 weeks, and keeping our plants short and compact was not too hard since it is a mostly Indica variety. We just cropped the main stem several times to achieve maximum development of the secondary branches by stimulating auxins.

The plants rapidly showed small signs of deficiencies, so we decided to use a small amount of liquid fertilizer for the flowering stage. B.A.C Organik PK has Potassium and Phosphorous and can be used from the middle of the flowering period. We used 1-2ml/L of this product between the third and the sixth weeks into bloom.

Our Prozack plants start developing buds
Our Prozack plants start developing buds

Once the flowering started we could observe subtle variances between phenotypes. One of the plants grew taller than the others during the stretch, developing less side branches and purple leaves on the buds. The flowers were longer and less compact than the rest, with a notable floral scent.

The other three plants developed plenty of secondary branches, completely full of buds. The flowers were hard and compact. The smell at the end of the flowering stage was so powerful that using a carbon filter was imperative.

Prozack plant about to be harvested
Prozack plant about to be harvested

We also put a block of ONA gel in the exterior of the tent so no cannabis odours could be smelled in the house.

Harvest and drying Prozack from Medical Seeds

After 9 weeks of flowering, the plants were harvested. We removed all fan leaves and the plants were put in a closet for proper drying of the buds.

Buds drying inside a grow tent
Buds drying inside a grow tent

After 15 days the plants were completely dry, and we removed all the small leaves. Those leaves were used to make a BHO extract.

The buds were stored in glass jars to for curing, which highly improve their organoleptic properties.

Buds before BHO extraction
Buds before BHO extraction

We made a number of BHO extractions using part of the harvest (approximately 3/4 of the it, which was more than 120 g). We used a Roller Extractor XL 300 and Colibrí butane. The oil was collected directly in an Oil Slick pad. Once the oil was collected we used a heating plate to purge the butane.

The resulting extraction once purged looked like crumble, with vivid orange color and sticky texture, being easily manipulated and dabbed.

Final product extracted from Prozack buds
Final product extracted from Prozack buds

The Prozack dried buds induce a very relaxing body effect, while the concentration of cannabinoids in BHO form has the same relaxing effect with a considerable cerebral high.

The taste and smell of Prozack are intense, earthy and with hashish notes.

Prozack buds ready to smoke
Prozack buds ready to smoke

We hope you liked this post, see you soon!

Prozack bud
Prozack bud

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