The FOB Vaporizer

FOB Vaporizer by Vaped

New vaporizers,  whether for dried herbs or resin extracts, come in many interesting shapes and colors. Today we'll show you the hand-made FOB vaporizer, manufactured by Californian company Vaped.

The first impression upon seeing the FOB vaporizer is certainly disconcerting, because it looks like a modern car key, which makes it go unnoticed at first glance.

It is a small-sized, portable vaporizer which measures 8.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm, ideal to carry it with you and enjoy dense clouds wherever you go.

The FOB vaporizer is very easy to use. On the front of the device you'll find 3 control buttons that look like car key buttons. They have a positive and negative sign on the open/close buttons, used for increasing and decreasing the vaping temperature, while the center button turns the vaporizer on.

The FOB vaporizer by Vaped
The FOB vaporizer by Vaped

The vaporizer’s mouthpiece is found at the top. To release it, simply pull it out carefully with your fingers until it's visible. The mouthpiece can be removed for cleaning, just by pulling it out completely. In this way, any plant remain can be cleaned with the included cleaning tools.

Vaped FOB’s cleaning tools and replacements parts

  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x cleaning tool
  • 2x mouthpiece and internal circuit cleaning brushes
  • 1x mouthpiece replacement
  • 2x screens

Right below the control buttons there are two lights which indicate the vaping temperature by their color. The top button indicates the vaping temperature, while the lower one shows the battery level.

The vaporizer has 6 different preset temperatures: 360, 370, 380, 390, 400 and 420° Fahrenheit (193, 198, 204, 210 and 215° Celsius). The vaporizer's temperature control heats the unit in 30 seconds, thus being ready to vape in few seconds.

The FOB vaporizer's mouthpiece
The FOB vaporizer's mouthpiece

The battery level is also given by a color scale:

  • A green light indicates the battery is fully charged
  • Purple color indicates the battery is 70% charged
  • Orange indicates the battery is 40% charged
  • Red indicates the battery needs to be charged

At the bottom part of this portable vaporizer, on the opposite side of the mouthpiece, we find the heating  chamber. The chamber closes with a magnetized lid, being large enough for long vaping sessions and to get the most out of your plant material.

The charging connection is right next to the chamber. The FOB vaporizer works with its own battery charger. Simply connect the vaping device to the charger and connect the latter to a power source. Remember that you can use the vaporizer while charging.

FOB vaporizer, included accessories
FOB vaporizer, included accessories

How to use the FOB vaporizer

The FOB is very easy to use. First, remove the vaporizer’s magnetized lid and fill it with your favorite dried, grinded herb. Close the chamber with the magnetizd lid and turn the device on.

To turn it on, just press the On button or trunk opening button 5 times. Once it's on, the two front lights are activated. As we've mentioned, the top light indicates the vaping temperature. Press + or - buttons to increase or decrease its value.

We recommend vaping at medium temperature; in this way, the flavour is purer than at higher temperatures, while the vapor density provides an amazing experience. If you want better taste, we recommend the first two operating temperatures. Vapour density will be lower, but the plant material will last longer. Remember that combustion, either by conventional cigarettes or pipes, releases plenty of harmful toxins that can be avoided with vaporization, being a much healthier option to enjoy your favourite herbs.

When the session is finished, we recommended cleaning it and leaving it ready for the next use.

The FOB vaporizer
The FOB vaporizer

Vapen FOB vaporizer info:

  • Small and portable vaporizer
  • Ready to vape in 30 seconds
  • 6 pre-set vaping temperatures
  • Includes cleaning tools
  • Includes 2 replacement screens
  • Not suitable for BHO or other resin concentrates

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Just curious 76 2020-03-29
I've Had my vape for about a month. I can't find my receipt. I paid with my card. Can I still fill out the warranty? Why doesn't any smoke come out? I taste it and it burns up, but it isn't letting me get a hit. Any suggestions or advice?

Tim Alchimia 2020-03-30
Hi, I'm sorry to hear you're not having a great experience with your vape. If you bought it from our online store then you can get in touch with us at with your order number and we'll do everything we can to help you. All the best.

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