TRABE Neemazal - Pure Neem Extract - 30 ml
TRABE Neemazal - Pure Neem Extract - 30 ml
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TRABE Neemazal - Pure Neem Extract - 30 ml

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Neem oil, which has high insecticidal properties, is obtained from the neem fruit.

As opposed to other products containing neem oil, Neemazal is extra pure and has high concentration of azadiracthin, in addition to meliantriol, nimbin and salanine.

The technology used during the manufacturing of this insecticide, which is a supercritical CO2 extraction technique, is clean. This means that it does not produce unwanted waste in the final product. Instead, it ensures benefits in the extract of Neemazal.


Pure neem extract and 100% biodegradable emulsifier. The extract proceeds from the neemtree (Azadirachtin indica).


Aphids, whiteflies, sciarid flies, mites, red spider, nematodes, woodlouse, thrips, etc. In general, it is efficient in any type of crop with phytopathogenic organisms that you wish to get rid off. It is harmless for humans and the environment.



Outdoor and indoor organic cannabis crops.


Spray 1.5ml/l water. Safety period of 3 days.

The active principles of Neemazal induce feeding disorders and interfere with the hormonal cycle of the insect, causing malformations in the molting process, preventing its normal development.

Neemazal has antifungal properties, it acts against the most common pathogenic species, limiting their growth, so the use of Neemazal prevents future attacks. Depending on the insect lifecycle and the concentration of the treatment, the death of the insect occurs between 3 and 14 days after contact with the product.

Apply when you see the first signs of pest as larvae are more vulnerable than adults.

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