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Metrop Amino Root 250ml

Metrop Amino Root 250ml
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Amino Root is a complex made of amino acids and vitamins of high quality extracted from plants, which stimulates root development, prevents multiple stresses, stimulates production of root hormones and enzymes.

A remarkable Amino Root feature is the molecular size of the proteins that it contains, being these 700 vs. the 10,000 Daltons usually measured in other products; plant cells can only absorb molecules up to 1500 Daltons.

It is ideal for plants to have rapid root development. It is very effective in both plants from seed and cuttings, and can be used on cannabis mothers plants after root pruning to reduce plant stress.

Perfect for plants that are revegetating as it accelerates the growth process and can reduce the recovery time of the plants that are stressed and which have only 1, 2 or 3 leaflets. To make this product act fastly, you should immerse the stressed plant in a bowl with a 10L x 8ml water and Amino Root solution for a few minutes. After a few hours, a substantial improvement of the plant's health may be noticed.

How to use Metrop Amino Root:

  • Shake well before using.
  • From the first day of growth, it should be applied for three weeks, with each watering.

Metrop Amino Root Composition:

  • Ammonium (N) 2.26%
  • Phosphorus (P) 2.04% water-soluble
  • 0.10% Amino Acids: Glycine 800 mg/5L, 40 mg/5L Valine, Proline 350 mg/5L, Hydroxiproline 300 mg/5L, Alanine 350 mg/5L, 680 Asparticzuur mg/5L, Arginine 80 mg/5L, Glumaticzuur 225 mg / 5L, Lysine 345 mg/5L, 50 mg/5L Leucine, Isoleucine 125 mg/5L, mg/5L Phenylalanine 145, Methionine 25 mg/5L, Serine 140 mg/5L, 125 mg/5L Asparagine, Threonine 120 mg/5L, Cystine 85 mg/5L, 88 mg/5L Tyrosine, Histidine 102 mg/5L

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