Bubba Kush x PCK

Bubba Kush x PCK
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Alchimia proudly present Bubba Kush x PCK from ACE Seeds, a spectacular Indica-dominant feminised cannabis hybrid bringing together the best qualities of these legendary hash plants from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now available in the feminised seed category of our online grow shop.

The combination of these two classic hash-producing genetic lines to create a highly resinous and fast-flowering hybrid with a deliciously exotic terpene profile that will delight lovers of the finest traditional hashish from the Himalayan region.

Bubba Kush (Katsu cut) x Pakistan Chitral Kush

Famous among cannabis connoisseurs for its relaxing effect and outstanding flavour, reminiscent of coffee and moist earth, Bubba Kush brings all these qualities to this new hybrid, as well as its astounding resin production, with the aromatic trichomes coating not only the flowers, but the smaller sugar leaves too.

PCK or Pakistan Chitral Kush is an exotic and colourful landrace hash plant with a mouthwatering flavour profile mixing red fruits, coffee, caramel and cherries and a very good resistance to pests, pathogens and bad weather. These characteristics have made it a key component in many ACE Seeds breeding projects, giving incredible results when combined with either Sativa or Indica genetics.

Bubba Kush x PCK - vigorous, compact, easy to grow and resistant 

Bubba Kush x PCK grows with good vigour, staying at a small to medium size, with thick stems and wide, dark green leaves on a compact and columnar structure typical of Afghan varieties. You can expect a moderate stretch during the onset of flowering and some phenotypes can display beautiful dark colours at the end of flowering, in particular if temperatures are low and especially in the more PCK-influenced examples.

It is an easy plant to grow, having inherited the resistance of the PCK, enabling it to thrive in cold climates just as well as in hot weather. Its flowering period is relatively short, and the flowers will be mature for harvest after 7-8 weeks indoors and in late September when cultivated outdoors, giving good yields of very high quality cannabis flowers.

Bubba Kush x PCK - the perfect mix of Afghan & Pakistani hash plants

The terpene profile is dominated by the influence of Bubba Kush, with most examples giving the traditional flavours we'd expect from high quality Afghan hash: an intense blend of coffee and chocolate with damp, earthy notes that has enchanted smokers for decades. In the more Pakistani-leaning plants we can also find more fruity flavours alongside the sweet, earthy and hashy notes.

The effect is pleasantly potent and physically relaxing without dulling the mind too much, promoting a good mood, making it ideal for chilling out at home in the evening or for enjoying good company among friends. Its hashish heritage also makes it a great choice for traditional hash making methods such as Dry Sift.

ACE Seeds Bubba Kush x PCK info:

  • Sex: Feminised seeds
  • Genetics: Bubba Kush (Katsu cut) x Pakistan Chitral Kush (Elite 2002 cut)
  • Genotype: 100% Indica F1 hybrid
  • Flowering indoors: 7-8 weeks
  • Harvest outdoors: Late September
  • Yield: Medium
  • Height: Low/Medium
  • THC: 17%
  • CBG: 2%

Wir erinnern unsere Kunden mit Wohnsitz in Frankreich daran, dass Cannabissamen, die nicht im Katalog der Europäischen Gemeinschaft aufgeführt sind, ausschließlich zur genetischen Erhaltung und Sammlung bestimmt sind und in keinem Fall für den Anbau bestimmt sind. Es ist strengstens verboten, sie auf französischem Gebiet keimen zu lassen, mit der Ausnahme der von der Europäischen Union zugelassenen Samen. Wir ermutigen unsere Kunden nicht, in irgendeiner Weise gegen das Gesetz zu verstoßen, und sind nicht für deren Verwendung verantwortlich.

Bubba Kush x PCK Meinungen und Fragen

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