Bubbler B26 Bent Glass

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Here at Alchimiaweb.com we present the B26 bent neck bubbler borosilicate glass, with a dimension of 18cm high and a 6cm diameter base. It is ideal for obtaining the maximum flavour of our rosin or BHO extractions.

This small pipe is made of quality borosilicate glass, with a cone-shaped body and an inhalation bent neck to make its use as comfortable as possible.

Mini Bubbler B26 Bent Glass for resin

It has a stemless percolator finished in the form of a tube with longitudinal cuts that produce a large quantity of bubbles in each puff.

This design makes the body and the tube fixed together, making it loose and easy to clean.

The joint is male, it has a dimension of 14mm in diameter and is topped with a dome with colour details that combine with the stemless percolator.

It is compatible with both 14mm glass and titanium nails, as well as the two nails included. In fact, the titanium nail is reversible, and can also be used in pipes with an 18mm gasket just by turning it over.

Mini Bubbler B26 Bent Glass, with a titanium and borosilicate nail

In order to use it in this bubbler, the large cap and female must be removed to be able to introduce the nail in the joint.

It is very easy to keep clean, it is enough to soak it in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours, then rinse it with clean water, dry it and it will be ready to use.

In addition, we can use isopropyl alcohol cleaning wipes to remove resin residues from the dome, the nail and the mouthpiece, preventing the aromas from mixing thus improving the dab experience.

B26 Bent Glass Bubbler info:

  • Resin borosilicate Bubbler
  • Height: 18cm
  • Base diameter: 6cm
  • Stemless System
  • Pipe striker with cuts
  • Cone-shape body
  • Inhalation bent neck
  • 14mm male joint
  • Includes 14mm borosilicate nail and 14mm and 18mm titanium nail
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