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E-Liquid Greeneo Sküff CBD 10ml

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Now available online in the Alchimia Grow Shop catalogue, Greeneo Booster Sküff CBD E-liquid for vapes with 10% or 20% CBD formulated to imitate the aroma of the legendary cannabis variety Skunk.

The base is made using 100% propylene glycol (PG) without any vegetable glycerin (VG), so that it has a totally liquid texture to maximise the aroma of the terpenes.

Greeneo Booster Sküff CBD E-Liquid, with intense Skunk aroma

This texture allows it to drain correctly in all types of atomisers, clearomisers and Pods, being able to benefit from the effect of the CBD in all kinds of e-liquid vaporisers.

In addition, this composition helps it to dissolve more readily when used to flavour other e-liquids, meaning you can can add CBD and terpenes to all types of liquids that we have at home, in the proportion we want.

These natural terpenes are part of a Full Spectrum cannabis extract that recreates the taste of the Skunk cannabis variety.

E-Liquid Greeneo Booster Sküff CBD, with 10% or 20% CBD

Its composition is completely free of artificial colours or preservatives, since the aroma comes from the cannabis terpenes of natural origin, obtained under laboratory conditions.

The CBD it contains comes from an extract of organic industrial hemp grown in the European Union, without pesticides and heavy metals.

It is available in 10ml glass bottles with pipette for dosing. At 10% strength each ml contains 100mg CBD, and 20% contains 200mg.

Greeneo Booster Sküff CBD E-Liquid 10ml info:

  • Liquid with CBD to consume in a vaporiser
  • With CBD from an organic hemp extraction of European origin
  • Available in 10% and 20% of CBD
  • Flavoured with hemp terpenes
  • Reproduces the aroma of the Skunk cannabis strain
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