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Harmony Tempo Pod Vape

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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Harmony Tempo Pod Vape, an ultra-compact vaporiser designed especially for enjoying pods with cannabidiol in an effective and discreet way.

Harmony Tempo Pod Vape, extremely compact and simple to use

Harmony Tempo Pod Vape is really small, measuring less than 10cm long and about 1cm wide. It can be carried around comfortably in your pocket. It fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, making it very simple to carry and use.

It incorporates an internal 310 mAh battery, similar to most pods on the market. It offers autonomy for the whole day as the e-liquids with cannabidiol are consumed very slowly with a few puffs, unlike nicotine liquids where they have to be inhaled many more times.

The device is charged through a micro USB port located on the base via the micro USB to USB cable (included). A small LED on the casing indicates the battery charge level, so that we can have it ready at all times.

Harmony Tempo Pod Vape, use on preloaded pods with a CBD content of 10%

This vape is designed to function with pods preloaded with e-Liquid with a CBD content of 10%, cannabis terpenes or with water-soluble natural aromas as we choose. The pods are sold separately (this device does not include any pod, only the body with the battery). The pods are not refillable, when finished they are disposed of and a new pod is used.

Its operation is very simple, just choose the flavour harmony pod you like, remove the plastic protection from the base and insert the pod into the Tempo Pod Vape. The pod is fixed by the magnet anchorage system it incorporates.

Now we can start the experience, slowly and gently inhaling and enjoying the vapour. It is exhaled through the nostrils to maximise the aroma and CBD effects. We can repeat as many times as necessary until we obtain the desired effect.

Harmony Tempo Pod Vape info:

  • Vaporiser for CBD pods
  • Compatible with Pod Harmony of many flavours: OG Kush, Lemon Haze, Pink Lemonade...
  • Ultra-compact and discreet
  • Can be carried in any pocket
  • 310mAh micro USB rechargeable battery
  • LED battery status indicator
  • Compatible with Harmony Pods
  • The box includes the vaporiser body
  • POD NOT INCLUDED, sold separately

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