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Lumatek Plus 315w CMH is a new full spectrum lighting kit. It is the ideal kit for indoor growers who want to move from HPS light to CMH/LEC lighting without the need to change the reflector.

The indoor grow light reflectors type “adjust a wings” and “North Star” among others offer a great quality and reflection power, and can be used with the new Lumatek CMH ballasts, since you can connect the bulb to the ballast using a converter plug HPS to CMH.

This 315w ballast is ideal for those growers who were using 400w HPS lamps and now want to get the same or more production with less light consumption and better quality. It operates at a voltage of 240V at 50/60 Hz, a 334w input power and 315w output power with very little consumption loss.

The kit includes a 315w bulb, the same power as the ballast, with a spectrum of 3100K ideal for plants with an 8-11 weeks of flowering period.

Lumatek Plus 315w CMH kit info:

  • Ballast power: 315w
  • Bulb type: LEC/CMH 315w at 3100K
  • CMH light socket
  • Adaptable to any type of reflector
  • 240V at 50/60 Hz
  • Input power 334w
  • Output power 315w
  • Can be used with all reflectors on the market
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