LEC CMH Lumatek Aurora 315w KIT + Alchibox 120

LEC CMH Lumatek Aurora 315w KIT + Alchibox 120

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The LEC CMH Lumatek Aurora 315w kit+ 120x120x200cm grow tent has been designed for growers who are looking for a quality cultivation equipment. Taking advantage of the great benefits of CMH lights as opposed to the HPS bulbs and in addition looking for a complete grow kit to produce a simple and efficient crop.

CMH LEC ceramic metal halide equipment has an excellent performance in cannabis cultivation. Among their features we can highlight the significant energy saving when compared to HPS bulbs. Using half the watts you get a very similar production than when using HPS 600w bulbs.

Another LEC CMH bulbs characteristic to take into account is the wide light spectrum emitted. The spectrum of light ranges from the blues necessary for an efficient plant growth, to the red and far-red which help plants flourish abundantly. These bulbs emit less heat facilitating a better control of the growing environment being able to use less powerful air extractors. In addition the plants have a higher terpene concentration since they do not evaporate from the plant due to the low heat radiation emitted by the LEC CMH bulbs.

This kit is composed of elements such as the 120x120x200cm grow tent, quality equipment, easy to be assembled, robust and durable together with a high light reflection capacity. Also extractors, ducts, carbon filters, fans and other elements are of quality and facilitate controlling the growing environment.

The purchase of this Kit represents a 15% discount compared to the purchase of each element separately.

Kit LEC CMH Lumatek Aurora 315w + Alchibox 120 info:

  • Lumatek Aurora 315 w LEC CMH light system
  • Power cable (+ plug)
  • Extension 3 outlets - Cable 1.5 m.
  • Legrand EU mechanical timer - European plug
  • Alchimia box 120 grow tent v2
  • Alchimia basic thermohigrometer with probe
  • Alchimia Lighthangers 5kg (two)
  • Alchimia Clip Fan 15w clamp fan
  • Alchimia Extractor Can-Fan RS 125L / 340
  • Alchimia Can Lite 125/300 filter without mouth
  • Alchimia Combi duct 127mm x 3m with flanges

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