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MaD Mix Fem

MaD Mix Fem - MaD Strains

enAlchimia presents the MaD Mix Fem from the MaD Strains seed bank, containing 10 assorted feminised seeds of different varieties. This mix consists of hybrids forming part of the MaD Strains catalogue, as well as test lines and other crosses that are [...]

  • 10 Samen 55.00€
MaD Mix Reg

MaD Mix Reg - MaD Strains

enThe MaD Mix Reg is an assortment of 10 regular seeds from MaD Strains, perfect to select mother plants with different traits and thus cultivate several new varieties all from the same seed pack. The seeds selected by MaD Strains for this mixed pack [...]

  • 10 Samen 75.00€