Metrop Mother Kit

Metrop Mother Kit
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Metrop presents here Mother Kit, a special set including 4+1 Metrop products intended to keep mother plants healthy. It also helps to improve cuttings production. This kit is now available in our cannabis nutrient products catalogue at Alchimiaweb.

Metrop Mam, an NPK adapted to Mothers

Mam is a Metrop product specially formulated to provide the nutrients required to maintain mother plants and develop cuttings, offering an NPK concentration of 20-20-8.

Mam by Metrop provides auxins in a natural way thanks to the high Keplax concentration, a marine algae. This element contains phosphorus and magnesium. This product promotes the development of a healthy and vigorous root system in the mother plants, producing healthy and strong cuttings.

Metrop Mr1, the perfect base fertilizer for mother plants

It is the basic liquid nutrient of the Metrop growth range. A product composed of micro-elements that provides an NPK concentration of 10-40-20. Mr1 accelerates and improves the photosynthesis process, which results in higher yields in our cannabis cultivations.

By using Metrop Mr1, the plant develops healthily and vigorously. It should be used during the cuttings growth or along the plant general development in order to obtain the best results.

Metrop CalGreen, the reinforcement for your plants

CalGreen by Metrop it is a product that strengthens the plant and improves its structure, offering better resistance to pests and problems with fungal infections.

It can be used with the irrigation water, but it is more advisable to apply it via foliar to increase its efficiency.

Metrop Enzymes, the supplement for mother plants

They are an essential element for an optimal cannabis plant development. It is an organic supplement that contributes to the decomposition of dead plant matter in the substrate, thus promoting plant growth.

The use of Metrop Enzymes regulates the chemical processes in the development of the roots and the plant, resulting in plants with a stronger and more resistant development.

Free Metrop Substrate Plus

This product enriches the substrate in a mineral and organic way. It balances the pH, improves moisture retention and nutrient absorption, enhancing the mother plant's health and increasing the cuttings production.

Substrate Plus can be used on any type of substrate, peat or coco. For application, mix 25-50g (70cc) of Substrate Plus to 10L of Light Mix or coco substrate. Then, for optimal plant maintenance, 25-50g can be added every 30 days to the substrate surface before watering.

Metrop Mother Kit info:

  • Special Metrop kit for mother plants
  • Available in 250ml or 1L
  • The kit is component by 4+1 different Metrop products
  • Enzymes
  • Mr1
  • Mum
  • CalGreen
  • Free Substrate +

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