Osram Fluence SPYDR 2x Led Panel

Osram Fluence SPYDR 2x Led Panel
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Osram Fluence SPYDR 2x 47" lighting system, created to offer maximum usability and efficiency in the hands of experienced or professional growers, especially in combination with a CO2 system for cannabis at 400ppm.

It features ultra compact design LED panels, measuring only 1194mm x 1087mm and 109mm high with the ballast. This height is reduced to only 32mm high if we choose to install the power unit directly on the room wall or outside the cabinet.

This way the lighting system is very easy to install, with the ballast measuring only 555mm x 159mm x 73mm and it takes up very little space and weighs only 3.7kg.

Osram Fluence SPYDR 2x 342W professional LED panel

This design allows it to be installed in industrial racking systems, with the possibility of placing them on one level, two levels, or whatever our space allows. This facilitates the chain and large-scale production of all types of fruit or flower plants, making the most of the space available in our room.

It allows us to expand the facility in a scalable and flexible way as required, efficiently ensuring a vigorous and homogeneous plant development.

It offers a PPF index of 860 µmol/s, with an average PPFD of 1,060 µmol/m2/s over a 122cm x 122cm surface area in this LED range. It allows the light intensity to be regulated, ensuring ideal conditions and maximising performance in our indoor grow tent without energy waste.

Osram Fluence SPYDR 2x, efficient and with a 860 µmol/s PPF index

It offers a mixed Physiospec Indoor TM spectrum, compatible with both the vegetative growth and flowering stages. It enables the light intensity to be adapted to each plant development stage in our cultivation.

In order to offer the best results, the Osram R&D team has collaborated with sector leading companies and expert researchers, looking to make the most of the plants' photobiology, whether they are cultivated in the ground, in coconut or in hydroponics.

The most optimal and richest possible spectrum has been obtained, focusing on a lush, fast growth and on an abundant and quality harvest, providing the plants with what they need at every moment.

Osram Fluence SPYDR 2x Led Panel info:

  • Professional LED lighting system
  • 342W power
  • Dimensions: 1194mm x 1087mm x 32mm
  • Removable power supply
  • Designed to be installed in all Rack types without the need to make new holes
  • PPF of 860 µmol/s - PPFD of 1,060 µmol/m2/s (average) on a 122cm x 122cm surface
  • Efficiency: 2.51 µmol/J @ 277V AC
  • Input current: 342W @ 277V AC
  • Input voltage: 120-277V, 347-480V, 50/60hz
  • Light distribution: 120°.
  • Mounting height: 15-30cm above the plant tips
  • Maximum recommended room temperature: 35ºC
  • Highly complete mixed spectrum (Physiospec Indoor TM)
  • Intensity regulation by external controllers
  • Life service: +50.000h
  • IP66 protection
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

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