Pineapple Soul

Pineapple Soul
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Here at Alchimia we are very pleased to present Pineapple Soul, a new feminised variety from Trichome Jungle Seeds, an exotic indica/sativa hybrid combining Gummy Berry Juice #3 with Soul Mate with intensely tropical aromas of pineapple and mango. Now in store as part our feminised seed collection.

Pineapple Soul is a cannabis hybrid with vigorous growth, combining the sativa genetics of Gummy Bear Juice with the balanced hybrid Soul Mate, resulting in a plant that can be cultivated with great success both indoors and outdoors, where the climatic conditions allow it. Ready after 9 weeks of flowering, Pineapple Soul offers highly resinous buds with intensely sweet flavours and aromas of pineapple and passion fruittropical .

Pineapple Soul: Gummy Bear Juice #3 x Soul Mate

One one side of this this cross, we have Trichome Jungle Seeds' Gummy Bear Juice #3, a clone-only variety that has never been available as seeds. This is a special selection of Passion Flower x Mandarina, a sativa hybrid with unusually fast flowering times, intense tropical fruit flavours, ready to harvest after 9 weeks of 12/12.

On the other side of this feminised cross is a reversed female of Soul Mate, selected by Trichome Jungle Seeds, used to pollinate the Gummy Bear Juice #3 mother. Soul Mate, by Bodhi Seeds, crosses Goji OG with Wookie, combining some of the best work by this highly respected US breeder, in the form of two of his most impressive males: Appalachia (used in Wookie) and Snow Lotus (used in Goji OG).

Soul Mate is a well-balanced indica/sativa hybrid with a powerful terpene profile of pine cleaner, lemon Kush and lavender alongside a strong, positive and relaxed high that's perfect for day or night. The genetic influence of Soul Mate improves resin production and increases bud size as well as refining the terpene profile.

Pineapple Soul cannabis strain, sweet, tropical flavours of pineapple and passion fruit

The aroma and flavour profile of Pineapple Soul is a mouthwatering tropical and citrus fruit cocktail containing notes of sweet mandarins and oranges.

The high is quite potent, offering a pleasant blend of Gummy Bear Juice's sativa character with the balanced hybrid effect of Soul Mate. You can expect a cerebral, euphoric effect accompanied by physical relaxation, making for a sociable and interactive high that's suitable for any occasion. The intese terpene profile and high trichome production make Pineapple Soul a great choice for lovers of resin extractions of all types.

Trichome Jungle Seeds Pineapple Soul info:

  • Type: Feminised cannabis seeds
  • Genetics: Gummy Bear Juice #3 x Soul Mate
  • Sativa Indica hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 9 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: September - October
  • Indoor yield: +500g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: 1000g per plant
  • THC: High

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