Sanlight Evo 120 Set, for a 120cmx120cm grow tent

Sanlight Evo 120 Set, for a 120cmx120cm grow tent

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The Sanlight Evo 120 Set (2 x Evo-4 120) is composed of two 250w LED units ideal for a cultivation room or grow tent of 120cmx120cm, providing a homogeneous light distribution. It includes all the necessary elements for a quick assembly.

Sanlight Evo 120 set, LED grow light for a 120cmx120cm grow tent

The Sanlight Evo 120 set consists of two 250w units (Evo 4) with dimmable LED technology for professional horticulture. They are designed to evenly distribute a full spectrum light in the cultivation area. This design ensures easy cleaning for a proper operation.

Evo 120 has a 250W power per unit and a PPF of 696 µmol/s. These are perfect characteristics for a 120cmx120cm grow tent or cultivation space to obtain a super flower production. The unit's LEDs (white and red) are of the renowned Osram brand, with Wicop technology (Seoul Semiconductor patent). They have no lead and silver frames, are robust and much more efficient.

Sanlight Evo 120 Set, high-intensity LED in an excellent design

The secondary optics for light protection and light direction offer a high light optimisation thanks to its geometry. The light distribution is perfectly homogeneous and of high intensity (PPFD).

It has asymmetrical secondary optics which largely eliminates photon transport losses to the plants, while at the same time ensuring that the LEDs are protected from environmental influences on the cultivation. This is thanks to the fact that the components oxidation is prevented, providing easy optics cleaning for a perfect equipment operation for years to come.

Sanlight Evo 120 Set, dimmable LEDs for a super flower production

The Evo series models feature a design that makes them dimmable. They are compatible with typical greenhouse control systems (can also be adapted to a magnetic or Bluetooth attenuator). Thus, they do not suffer from damage like rotary potentiometers, which can be affected by high humidity.

It uses waterproof connectors to work safely in greenhouses and indoor cultivation. With the two units (2x250w) the gram per watt is easily exceeded, with excellent results thanks to the LED technology, producing a large quantity of terpenes and essential oils. It is certainly the most similar to sunlight. The two Evo 4-120 units have all the necessary elements for a quick installation in a 120cmx120cm tent or in a growing space of similar dimensions.

For a correct installation and optimisation, the systems need to be installed at an angle of 11°, with 70cm between the units and 25cm from the tent walls.

Product on request. Offers 3 years warranty.

Sanlight Evo120 Set info:

  • 2 x EVO 4-120 (2x250w)
  • Recommended space: 120cm x 120cm
  • Intensity regulator dimmer
  • PPFD: 696 µmol/s
  • IP65 protection
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Weight: 5.1kg per unit
  • Dimensions: 1018cm x 291cm x 112mm
  • 90.000 service hours

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