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Sativida CBD anti-inflammatory cream

enEntschuldigung, Inhalt auf Englisch, wir übersetzen dieses Produkt und bald werden Sie es in Ihrer Sprache haben. presents Sativida CBD anti-inflammatory cream, formulated to help soothe contractures and muscle fatigue, as well as inflammation and pain.

Anti inflammatory cream Sativida CBD, with hot/cold effect

This cream produces an effect of cold and heat, to maximise its beneficial effects, stimulating the muscles and accelerating the elimination of inflammation and pain in the tissues.

Cannabidiol is obtained from industrial hemp plants, grown organically in the European Union, and the CBD is extracted using CO2.

This, combined with the fact that all the extractions are analysed by an independent laboratory, guarantees maximum purity and the highest quality of product, as well as not containing heavy metals or unwanted products.

Anti inflammatory cream Sativida CBD, with 5% CBD

Contains 5% Cannabidiol, and is made from natural products, for quick and efficient absorption by the skin and muscles.

It is recommended for back or shoulder pain, for joint and inflammatory pain and for recovery from injuries lesions such as sprains, strains or contractions.

It is also effective in caring for dry or flaky skin, helping to restore it to optimal condition, elasticity and hydration. Do not apply on open wounds or eyes.

Sativida CBD anti inflammatory cream info:

  • Cream with hot/cold effect
  • 5% CBD
  • Based on natural products
  • Ideal for reducing inflammation and muscle pain
  • Cares for, moisturises and nourishes the skin
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