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Plant Quarantine: Isolation is prevention!

Today, and mainly caused by the increase in clone and plant trading, plant isolation is essential in order to keep your garden free from pests and diseases. Today we tell you how to schedule a quarantine program for your new plants, also for any infected plant that might need special care.

Anatomy of the Cannabis plant

To know more about the different parts of the cannabis plant will facilitate cultivation and help us achieve better results. In this post we explain the anatomy of the plant and the main characteristics and functions of each of its parts.

Fusarium and cannabis plants

Fusarium can quickly ruin an entire crop, being particularly difficult to treat once it has infected the plants. In this post we explain what exactly is Fusarium, how it grows and what can we do to prevent its appearance.

Soil Food Web Gardening

Sadly, many times growers don't know what is happening below the ground. Bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa, arthropods, earthworms...all of them are creating a perfect environment for the roots of our plants, and taking profit from it is a wise decision by the farmer. In this post we tell you more about Soil Food Web gardening, a technique which is increasingly used worldwide.

Alternaria in the cannabis crop

In this post we will explain you about Alternaria, a pathogenic fungi that affects both people as to a large number of plants and agricultural crops. To know what it is, how it propagates itself and what you can do to prevent or control its appearance will be of great help to keep this fungus away from your crops and maintain your plants healthy and strong.

Root rot on cannabis plants

In this article we tell you about root rot, a disease caused by different root fungi that attacks a large number of plants, causing severe damages in numerous crops. Although it’s almost impossible to treat, we can prevent its appearance by following a few simple steps, which of course we share with you!

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