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Large Bio-Composter - 300L
Large Bio-Composter - 300L
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Large Bio-Composter - 300L

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Large - 300 liter - bio-composter ideal for making proper use of the wasted organic matter from our house and garden.

Making our own compost at home ensures premium quality nutrients for our garden, orchard or cannabis plants.

Typically, this process takes between 3-5 months depending on the type of organic matter we use.

Among the products used to make compost with the Large 300 liter Bio-composter we can list, for example:

Suitable Products to make compost

Solid: Remains of bread, flour, coffee grounds, crushed eggshells, fruits, vegetables, or leftover infusions.

Liquids: Remains of cooking oil, oil and vinegar, wine, beer, fruit juices and milk among others.

Orchard and Garden Waste: Sawdust from natural wood, crop residues, ashes, flowers, green plants and dry grass, leaves and crushed prunings.

It is important, in our point of view, start using natural resources at our disposal in a conscious way, so we believe that products like this Bio-Composter play an important role as an ideal solution for processing the rests of garbage and organic waste generated at any home.

Highly recommended product.

Dimensions: 84 x 68 x 105 cm

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