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Spidermite Control
Spidermite Control
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Spidermite Control

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Spidermite control is a fast-acting natural insecticide that is especially effective against spider mites on cannabis plants and works to kills insects using it's 100% safe, 100% organic formulation.

Spider mites can devastate a cannabis grow in very little time, and often by the time we notice their presence, it's already too late to combat them safely and effectively, and the crop is lost.

Spidermite Control works by a physical mode of action, blocking insects breathing holes, causing death by suffocation, while at the same time preventing eggs from hatching. This means that, unlike in the case of chemical or systemic insecticides, pests do not build up tolerance to Spidermite Control. Effective for the control of Spider Mites, Greenfly, Blackfly, Whitefly, Thunderfly and many more pests, Spidermite Control also controls powdery mildew.

Made from 100% organic plant extracts, Spidermite Control evaporates quickly, leaving no harmful residue, does not harm bees or beneficial insects, is harmless to children, pets and wildlife and is safe to use with other biological controls. 100% safe, it can be used not only on cannabis plants, but also on edible fruit and vegetable crops

How to use:

It is used as a preventative throughout the growing period, from 10 days after germination until late into the fourth week of flowering, with a frequency of once a week, spraying the back and undersides of leaves to achieve full coverage, preferably at night or at lights-out.

Spidermite Control composition:

  • 1% of coriander oil
  • 94% of cinnamon oil
  • 5% of triethanolamine
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