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Having the name of the best hashish in the world, Taskenti is a pure Indica strain from Uzbekistan.

The plants are covered with resin, with a subtle Hashish scent , and very intense mint and lemony undertones.

The yield of this strain is really great, especially growing it outdoors. The conditions of is growing and the latitude of its origin region have made that its acclimatization is very fast in the mountains of Southern Spain.

However, a meticulous choice and improvement work have been made by Cannabiogen in order to determine the best genetic traits , and allow us so to grow Taskenti both outdoors, and indoors (soil and hydro)

Indoors plants finishes their flowering cycle in just 10 weeks, but they will need a good ventilation, because of its low resistance to high humidity.

The Cannabiogen team advises an growing period of 30 days at least, to get best results.

Features of Taskenti from Cannabiogen:

  • Type: 100% Indica
  • Genetics: Uzbekistan
  • Harvest time on indoor: 70 days
  • Harvest time on outdoor: October
  • Yield: High

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