VitaLink Silicon Max 250ml
VitaLink Silicon Max 250ml
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VitaLink Silicon Max 250ml

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Vitalink proposes to you to discover the Silicon Max, this nutrient additive is designed to be used throughout the life cycle of cannabis plants, and is now available on AlchimiaWeb.

Silicon Max is a concentrated silicon additive that is highly beneficial to cannabis plants. While its use is not obligatory for the survival of our plants, the results are so beneficial that it would be a shame to deprive them of it.

Silicon Max strengthens cell walls and protects plants against parasites or diseases. The plants will be more resilient, especially to heat stress. The structure of the plant is reinforced by using this product, allowing larger crops. It also helps to limit leaf transpiration, and stimulates the absorption of CO2, chlorophyll production and photosynthesis.

We advise to add the Silicon Max before the other nutrients and additives and to regulate the pH once the solution has been mixed.

VitaLink Silicon Max info:

  • 250ml bottles
  • Produces more resistant plants
  • Contains 6% Potassium Silicate
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