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    French Fire

    French Fire - Wanted Seeds

    enFrench Fire is the Wanted Seeds flagship, it is a high-quality cross between Cookies Forum Cut and UK Monkey resulting in a cultivar with an excellent flavour accompanied by a powerful psychedelic effect thanks to its high THC levels. It is a pleasa [...]

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    Ultimate Circle

    Ultimate Circle - Wanted Seeds

    enUltimate Circle by Wanted Seeds is a feminised Indica dominant variety, a cross between Bubba Kush, a Kush legend from the 2000s, Katsu Cut and UK monkey. This variety is rich in flavours and has a powerful relaxing effect, ideal for Indica plants lo [...]

    • 5 Samen 45.00€
    • 10 Samen 80.00€
    Vanilla Sky

    Vanilla Sky - Wanted Seeds

    enVanilla Sky by Wanted Seeds is a Sativa dominant hybrid, a cross between Gorilla Glue x UK Monkey. This variety offers a powerful psychoactive effect, a good production and an excellent vanilla flavour. Vanilla Sky development is vigorous from the s [...]

    • 5 samen 60.00€
    • 10 Samen 110.00€
    Space Echo

    Space Echo - Wanted Seeds

    enSpace Echo by Wanted Seeds is a feminised Sativa dominant variety (80%), a cross between Chocolope and UK Monkey that offers complex and special aromas and a positive and euphoric effect. Space Echo grows vigorously and it is necessary guide and sup [...]

    • 5 Samen 50.00€
    • 10 Samen 90.00€
    Night Light

    Night Light - Wanted Seeds

    enNight Light by Wanted Seeds is a feminised variety, cross between UK Cheese and UK Monkey. This robust, compact, powerful and flavoured plant is now available in our catalogue at alchimiaweb. Night Light growth is compact and branched, making it an [...]

    • 5 Samen 45.00€
    • 10 Samen 80.00€

    Brain-Off - Wanted Seeds

    enAlchimia is glad to present Brain-Off, a cross between the powerful 501 ST OG and the UK Monkey flavoured selection of Wanted Seeds. Brain-Off, a strong and efficient plant On one side 501 ST OG by Rare Dankness Seeds, a cross between Skywalker OG [...]

    • 5 samen 39.00€
    • 10 Samen 70.00€