Xtrasun magnetic lighting kit

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Xtrasun 400w or 600w grow lighting kit is the ideal equipment for growers cultivating in small grow areas from 1m2 to 1.50m2.

The kit comes with a silent Xtrasun magnetic ballast 400w or 600w, protected by a metal casing with fuse, it has an electronic start and a thermal protection that make this ballast safe.

 It also incorporates a basic stucco 48 aluminium reflector which produces a great light reflection designed to use in grow tents.

In addition the kit incorporates an Xtrasun dual 400w or 600w bulb that produces a wide chromatic range thus can be used both in vegetative growth and in flowering.

Ballast and reflector can be connected easily by Plug & Play plugs, just mount the male to the reflector and then plug it into the female to connect the reflector with the ballast.

The reflector is held in place by two Alchimia Light Hangers incorporated on the kit, a quality pulleys which hold a weight of up to 5Kg, enough to hang, raise and lower the reflector in a simple and effective way.

Xtrasun 400w or 600w grow lighting kit info:

  • Ballast: Xtrasun 400w or 600w
  • Reflector: Basic aluminium Stuco 48
  • Connections: Plug & Play
  • Bulb: Xtrasun Dual 400w or 600w
  • Clamping Pulleys Alchimia Light Hangers 5kg
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