2/3 We now make the first purchase. Alchimia tutorial

Once the registration is done, we now make the first purchase at www.alchimiaweb.com

Once the registration is done, we now make the first purchase:

In this example we are going to buy a 400w starter kit, with all the necessary elements to begin our cultivation.

We add the product to cart and continue shopping. Now we are looking for a vaporiser, a portable Pro model and among them we like the DaVinci IQ2. Once we have selected the model, we can choose different colours and look at the different model photos. If we are already certain, we add to cart. If we do not want to buy anything else, we go to cart to process the order.

In case we have a voucher, we must indicate it now when processing the purchase order. We check the shipping details, selecting the courier, payment method and the Gift. We can include a specific message for the courier.

Once we have checked that all the details are correct, we declare we are of legal age and proceed to pay for our products. In order for the payment to be successful, the card must be enabled for online payments and if you live outside Spain for the card to be able to make payments abroad.

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