Adjust Hellion Alchimia 600w DE + Grow Tent 120 V.2 Kit

Adjust Hellion Alchimia 600w DE + Grow Tent 120 V.2 Kit
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    shipping (*) presents Adjust Hellion Alchimia 600w DE + Grow tent 120x120 V.2 Kit, designed to facilitate starting up your indoor cannabis cultivation to the maximum.

It is a Premium kit designed to assist the growers in achieving the best possible performance from their cultivation. This is possible thanks to this high-quality lighting system featuring Adjust a Wings Avenger reflector with DE socket + Super Spreader, ballast and 600W and 400V bulbs.

Adjust Hellion Alchimia 600w DE + Grow tent 120 V.2 kit, cultivation kit with prime luminaire

This is a professional reflector manufactured in flexible aluminium with a hammered finish. It is coated with molten glass particles, PVD ceramics and titanium dioxide offering a 97% reflection index.

A Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W/400V electronic ballast with a professional finish provides the power supply. It incorporates a power regulator that enables operation with compatible bulbs (MH and HPS) of 400W and 600W at 400V.

Both elements combined with the 600W/400V Lumatek Pro bulb ensure excellent light output throughout the 120cm x 120cm grow tent. This results in a more abundant final flower yield than would be obtained with a standard 600W luminaire at 240V.

Adjust Hellion Alchimia 600w DE + Grow Tent 120 V.2 kit, efficient and easy to install

The grow tent included is an Grow tent 120x120. It measures 120cm x 120cm x 200cm with a metal bar structure that can be assembled using plastic tubes and elbows. It incorporates reinforcement bars and a canvas with a metallic finish with a 95% reflection.

It also includes an Alchimia Can Fan RS 125L 340m3/h extractor, an Alchimia Can Lite 125-300m3/h activated carbon filter, a 3m 127mm Combi Duct Alchimia and anchor flanges so that it can be installed once just received.

The accessories consist of a clamp fan to move the air inside, an Alchimia Light-hangers suspension system to hold the spotlight, a basic Alchimia Thermohygrometer, 2 mechanical timers and a 3 socket cord extension.

Adjust Hellion Alchimia 600w DE + Grow tent 120 V.2 Kit info:

  • 1x Indoor grow tent 120x120x200 V.2
  • 1x Reflector Adjust a Wings Avenger DE Hellion + Super Spreader
  • 1x Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W/400V adjustable electronic ballast
  • 1x HPS Lumatek DE Pro 600W/400V
  • 1x Alchimia Can Fan RS 125L extractor 340m3/h
  • 1x Alchimia Can Lite activated carbon filter 125-300m3/h
  • 1x Combi Duct Alchimia 127mm and 3m with flanges
  • 1x 5W clamping fan
  • 1x Alchimia Light-hanger 5kg
  • 1x Alchimia thermohygrometer basic
  • 2x Mechanical timer
  • 1x Extension cord with 3 sockets

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