Aeroflo 20
Aeroflo 20
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Aeroflo 20

The GHE Aeroflo 20 is a state-of-the-art aeroponic growing system that delivers perfect oxygenation of the nutritive solution, giving explosive growth, massive crops and faster harvests in cannabis plants.

Used by NASA in their research into plant cultivation in space, the unit's high-tech design super-oxygenates the nutrient solution to deliver oxygen, water and nutrients in optimum combinations, creating a perfect environment for root development. This system grows stronger, healthier and more vigorous plants leading to faster, heavier yields and higher quality flowers.

The Aeroflo system is easy to use, quick to set up, simple to maintain and flexible - the units are modular, allowing the system to expand and adapt to any size of grow room, and as an added advantage can be used as propagators for rooting clones, thus completely eliminating the stress of transplanting and streamlining the production cycle.

For any grower looking for a way to increase efficiency, maximise yields and bring crops to harvest earlier, the GHE Aeroflo system is hard to beat, and with a wide range of modular units to choose from, can be adapted to any grow situation.

GHE Aeroflo 20 info:

  • 130 x 67 x 44 cm
  • 100 L tank capacity
  • Full assembly and operation instructions included
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