Aeros IV master System

Aeros IV master System
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Aeros IV Master is a recirculating hydroponic system known as Deep Water Culture. In these growing systems, roots hang from the netpot suspended in the air while their capillaries soak in the water of the container where we have the plant, using only the nutrient solution as growing media.

This growing system is as simple as effective, consisting of a 15L container and 4 x 15L pots (we should fill these pots with no more than 12L of nutrient solution). These pots have a top cover with a circular hole where we place the netpot plus a smaller hole.

This other hole will be used for monitoring Ph and EC values of the nutrient solution. Use clay pebbles to support the plant in the netpot.

Inside the pot - where the nutrient solution (water with all the fertilizers, additives and supplements) will be deposited - we find the air stone, which is connected with a silicone tube to the air pump and that will keep the nutrient solution in perfect conditions.

Marijuana plants will have a very vigorous growth because of this efficient nutrition, reducing both the total time and the energy consumption, as plants will need less time to grow.

The top cover of each pot has a slit for thenontoxic silicone tubes that will connect the air stones with the air pump, so these tubes are not obstructed when closing the cover. The air pump has two air outlets so you can use one air pump for every two buckets.

To feed the 4 pots of the Aeros IV Master Sistem, it includes a central container to regulate the flow and renewal of water, so all pots have always a good performance and we always have healthy plants.

We find 4 drippers - that come up from the central container - that will water the main rootball of each plant, directly in the netpot. Place these drippers in the netpot, as far as possible from the plant's stem.

To mix all the nutrient solution from the different pots there is a water pump that will make the water to flow through all the continuous irrigation circuit, watering the plants from above and preventing the roots of the upper section - which are not in contact with the water in the pot - to dry.

It is a very suitable system for growing a few plants indoors, because with only 4 pots per m2 we will get huge cannabis plants that will occupy all the available growing space in just a few weeks of growth, due to a vigorous root development that results in lush growth and flowering of marijuana plants.

Aeros IV master System features:

  • 4 pots with top cover
  • 4 netpots
  • 2 double outlet air pumps
  • 4 rounded air stones
  • Drip system, with pipes and drippers.
  • Water Pump
  • Nutrient solution container
  • Irrigation/connection tube

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