Alchimia Box 240
Alchimia Box 240
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Alchimia Box 240

Indoor King Size growing tent of Alchimia brand - dimensions: 240x120x200cm - ideal for those growers who wish to have a nice space for self-cultivation of medicinal cannabis, or for those who make marijuana extractions and need bigger yields. Suitable for LED panels or 2 x 600w HPS lighting systems - with or without light rail.

It has a structure made of assembled metal bars, joined with unions and elbows made of resistant plastic that will facilitate its assembly and storage, occupying less space once disassembled.

It also has reinforcing bars at the top to facilitate the subjection of extraction systems and lamps. This way we make sure that everything is tight and secure.

It has mylar-lined interior walls - high reflective level, 95%- homogeneously distributing the light in all the growing space and so improving the production of plants.

For a quick and easy assembling of the different growing accessories it has 6 x 200 mm access holes on the top; two on the top of the tent for air extraction and four on the top side for the air inlet or for connecting a cooltube quickly and easily.

In the upper part we also find two smaller access holes for the lighting system and air extraction wiring.

In the lower part of the tent we have two large access holes for air ductings up to 200mm in diameter. Notice that it has a catchment fabric tray to prevent water leaks that may occur during the watering of plants, avoiding corrosion of the tent's base. It also has two extra 250mm holes.

Finally, to facilitate the handling of the plants growing inside the tent, Alchimia Box 240 has 4 different accesses for the grower: two large side windows plus two front doors which are opened and closed with a system of quality zippers, absolutely lightproof, that ensures a long and useful life for this grow tent, created and designed from the experience in cannabis growing of the Alchimia Grow Shop team.

Alchimia Box 240 features:

  • Dimensions: 240x120x200cm
  • Structure made of assembled metal bars
  • High quality, ultra-reflective, water-proof fabric
  • Multiple access holes for air extraction systems
  • Zippered accesses and door.
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Properties of Alchimia Box 240

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