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Alchimia HPS - Dual Spectrum (Growth and Bloom)

Alchimia's bulb is the ideal complement for any ballast of 400w. It is ideal for growing and flowering marijuana plants due to its dual spectrum.

The bulb incorporates improvements over other bulbs on the market that do make a difference. On one side we see that the E40 base of the socket is designed with double layer, eliminating the welding, with a perfect linear basis which is more respectful with the environment.

The design of this new bulb makes it not necessary to use barium as a film applied to the glass, so on the one hand it does not blacken the glass by use, and on the other hand it achieves a cleaner functional gas, with less impurities. All this makes these bulbs to have better performance through a better use of the light, besides being more clear and stable.

It also should be noted that the glass of the bulb is completely uniform, what also contributes to have a better distribution of lumens per cm2.

It combines the two necessary spectrums for growing cannabis, growth and flowering. The blue spectrum is improved so that plants have better growth, developing more branched and compact. Duing flowering, this translates in an increase in production, developing more buds in the same farming space, for the more internodes the plant has, the more it will increase its production.

Alchimia 400w dual bulb features:

  • Lumens: 54000
  • Lumens per watt: 140
  • Spectrum: 2000K
  • Lamp Wattage: 400w
  • Aprox. lifespan: 24000h
  • Bulb re-lit after 4-5 min.

Alchimia 600w dual bulb features:

  • Lumens: 85000
  • Lumens per watt: 145
  • Spectrum: 2100K
  • Lamp Watts: 600 w
  • Aprox lifespan: 24000 h
  • Bulb re-lit after 4-5 min.
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Properties of Alchimia HPS - Dual Spectrum (Growth and Bloom)

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