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All Mix Bio Bizz

All Mix been developed by BioBizz to be the best and most complete all-round potting mix for organic cultivation, containing everything a plant needs for lush, vigorous growth. Specially formulated to create a healthy root zone by providing the perfect equilibrium of air and water retention along with balanced quantities of 100% organic fertilisers rich in macro and micro nutrients.

All-Mix is a mixture of:

  • 20% Sphagnum peat moss
  • 35% Garden peat base
  • 10% High quality worm humus
  • 30% Perlite
  • 5% Pre-Mix (High quality organic fertiliser)

All Mix contains enough nutrients for healthy plant growth when only irrigated with plain water, but to increase performance and yield during the flowering period you can use BioBizz Bio-Bloom in combination with TopMax.

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