Atlas L12 - 16 Dripper System

L12 is an hydroponics system based on recirculating nutrient used for growing cannabis or vegetables.

This system is based on three sides, bottom, find the set of physical tank that will support the entire growing system. The tank has a capacity of 110L and has a simple system of visual control of liters of S / N available for watering the marijuana plants.

Drainage Tray

  • Total volume of drainage tray: 135L
  • Total load tray / charge on a single point: 100kg/40kg

The drain pan in which the S / N excess, drainage will be collected to be returned back to the central repository and thus make recirculation of irrigation water is in the central part of the culture system.

At the top we find the capacity 12L pots in which we can use different growing media such as, coconut, mapito, rock wool and arlita or even land (being more cumbersome than hydro).

Measures L12 Atlas

  • Width: 107 cm
  • Length: 119.5 cm
  • Height: 41 cm

The irrigation system is simple but effective, consisting of a water pump located in the tank 110L capacity. The pump is connected to the main irrigation pipe, which cross the drain pan to reach the culture surface, which in turn is connected to the secondary irrigation lines that will go to the respective addressed cultivation pots.

So if you're looking for a hydroponics system easy and efficient use being able to use different substrates hydroponics to see which it or more to have different substrates depending on the time of year to grow, and can have Atlas L12 in Alchimia Grow Shop.

Composition of High hydroponics system L12

  • 16 pots 12L
  • Irrigation tubes 16
  • 1 water pump
  • 1 storage 110 liter
  • 1 tray drain
  • 1 cover deposit
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Accessories of Atlas L12 - 16 Dripper System

Replacement cover for Atlas system

Replacement cover for Atlas system

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  • Medium 2.70€
  • Large 2.55€
Medium tank 100L Atlas M12/L12

Medium tank 100L Atlas M12/L12


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