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Terra Power's Artio's Touch is part of the range of root protection products created to provide an increase the vigor of cannabis plants, which contains bacteria that synthesize phytohormones and vitamins .

It is an ideal product for all types of crops, being ideal for lovers of Super soil as it is capable of solubilizing inorganic phosphorus that is insoluble for plants until microbial life performs its magic and transforms it into an assimilable form. And that's what Artio's Touch will do for you!

It can be used alone on fertile soils or as a nutrient complement for the Terra Power products (or other brands). Suitable for all types of growing systems and media like soil, coco, hydro, aero, etc. You just have to mix 2ml/l and done!

You can either use foliar applications or via irrigation on clones, bulbs and seedlings.

Artio's Touch contains approximately 10 billion viable beneficial bacteria per ml, being one of the most powerful microbial root colonizers on the market.

Composition of Artio's Touch by Terra Power

Bacillus subtilis, B. pumilus, B. amyloliquefaciens, B. pasteurii, B. megaterium, Azotobacter vinelandii.

Characteristics of Artio's Touch by Terra Power

  • Increased plant vigor
  • Synthesizing bacteria: Phytohormones and vitamins
  • Dosage: 2ml/l
  • Suitable for all types of substrates

Properties of Artio's Touch

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