Batlle Organic Moss Curled Endive

Batlle Organic Moss Curled Endive
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Batlle Organic Moss Curled Endive Seeds, with curly leaves and a slightly bitter aroma. A variety that provides good results both in open ground in the vegetable patch, on an urban growing table and in pots.

Batlle organic Moss Curled endive, undemanding and easy to cultivate

Moss Curled endive (Cichorium endivia L.) is an herbaceous plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. It is native to the Mediterranean region and Asia. It has an intense aroma, is rich in vitamins and has a diuretic and laxative effect thanks to its high fibre level.

It is an annual plant that can be harvested 3-4 months after sowing, taking the form of a rosette of about 40cm in diameter and 1m in height if left to flower, as it develops a long stem full of blue flowers.

The seeds are germinated during spring and summer in a protected seedbed, at a temperature of about 23ºC. This way the seedlings are ready by late summer. The seeds germinate after 4-5 days, and in about 30 days it reaches about 10cm. At this time it is ready to transplant using an airy, loose textured soil mixture rich in compost or worm humus.

Batlle organic Moss Curled endive, fast growth and bitter taste

As it is an autumn-winter variety, it withstands the cold better than the heat. It can withstand occasional frosts down to -4ºC. Even so, it should be planted in an area with direct sunlight, thus offering its full potential. It is not very demanding with nutrients although it benefits from a deep and rich soil.

A planting frame of 50cm x 40cm is recommended so that it has enough space to develop. In case of very high temperatures and young plants, a shading mesh should be used. In winter and excessively cold temperatures, a thermal blanket is advisable.

Watering should be moderate but regular, without wetting the leaves to avoid rotting. The use of an automatic irrigation system will undoubtedly make this task easier. When harvesting is not long away, we tie or cover the plant to whiten the leaves, which reduces their bitterness. After 15 days it is ready to cut, about 3-4 months from sowing.

Batlle Organic Curled Moss Endive info:

  • Sachet: 2g of seeds
  • Robust and easy to grow, it is very resistant to the cold down to -4ºC
  • Requires few nutrients
  • Requires constant watering, does not tolerate drought
  • Germination: spring-summer
  • Sowing: late summer, when seedling is about 10cm (30 days old)
  • Requires 23ºC to germinate and sprout
  • Suitable for both vegetable patch and pot
  • Planting frame: 50cm x 40cm
  • Harvest: 3-4 months after sowing

Properties of Batlle Organic Moss Curled Endive

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