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BHO Vaporizer Flowermate S30

Alchimia invites you to discover this small portable vaporiser for BHO and resins, the Flowermate S30, ideal to easily and discreetly vaporise cannabis oil.

Tthe Flowermate is supplied with a classic, bubbler type mouthpiece, and a smaller mouthpiece, without water, which allows to discreetly dab in all situations.

The body of the vaporiser is compact and easily fits in the hand or stows in a pocket, while the 30w battery allows you to produce a thick cloud of steam and consume the oil quickly.

The Flowermate S30 offers the choice between a titanium or double coil nail, and you can fit either one of these two heating elements to get the flavour you want from your cannabis extractions. The titanium nail is durable and offers a very long useful life, but the device uses more power with this tip, so battery life will be a little shorter between charges. The second heating element proposed with the Flowermate S30 is composed of two resistors (Dual Coil) wrapped around quartz sticks, this tip allows to enjoy unparalleled organoleptic qualities, but will require a little more regular maintenance.

To start the Flowermate S30, simply press the On/Off button 5 times. By using the +/- buttons we can adjust the power. Finally, press the On/Off button 3 times to switch to "Titanium" mode which, as the name suggests will use the titanium nail. With the Dual Coil Quartz you can use less power (5W) so the battery will last much longer.

The built-in rechargeable battery is not replaceable and is capable of generating 30W power with 2200 mAh. The device is charged using a cable that connects to the micro USB port in the base of the vaporiser.

The Flowermate S30 Kit includes:

  • 1 Double Coil Quartz heating element
  • 1 Titanium heating element
  • 1 Mini bubbler
  • 1 Mini bubbler measuring tube
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 Charging accessory
  • 1 Small glass lid
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