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L.A. Cheese - Big Buddha Seeds

The L.A. Cheese marijuana strain is a great plant because it's the result of the combination of two great strains winners of various Cannabis Competitions, several times.It is a hybrid composed of an Original Cheese part from the UK, and of the LA C [...]

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Head Cheese - Big Buddha Seeds

Head Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds is a mostly sativa hybrid created by bringing together two living legends of the international cannabis scene in the shape of Headband and Cheese, resulting in an ideal strain for day to day use, uplifting the mood a [...]

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Cheesus - Big Buddha Seeds

Cheesus is a cannabis strain developed by the new school of breeders from Amsterdam. They began by selecting a beautiful God Bud male (BC Bud Depot) and then crossed it with an elite Big Buddha Cheese cut. This strain has a very pleasant scent, rem [...]

  • 5 seeds (Product sold out)34.00€

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