BioGreen is a Dutch nutrient company which offers quality products to meet the demands of cannabis lovers, either for novice or more experienced growers.

Their range of products is wide and diversified, suitable for any type of growing medium, both soil and hydroponic systems.

Their nutrients are formulated using first quality raw materials and are concentrated enough to make things easier, being easy to use and very efficient.

We can find base nutrients for both the growing and flowering stage of plants, also root and bloom boosters, Calcium and PK supplements, enzymes, bud enhancers and much more.

Get professional results easily at home with BioGreen, quality nutrients for either outdoor or indoor plants.


BioGreen Biozym 5L

Biozym by BioGreen is already available in Alchimiaweb, a product formulatedto enhance waste products' breakdown processes, also to restore the structure of the soil. Thus, it is the best ally for your marijuana plants. Biozym is a biocatalyst which [...]

  • 129.00€ 90.30€

BioGreen X-Force

Improve the resistance of your plants and enhance their metabolism with BioGreen X-Force, a fertilizer enriched with orthosilicic acid that highly improves the performance of your homegrown cannabis plants. X-Force is made from spores and is quickly [...]

  • 250ml48.75€ 34.10€

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