BioGreen Starter Pack 250ml
BioGreen Starter Pack 250ml
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BioGreen Starter Pack 250ml

This Starter Pack by BioGreen includes 10 x 250ml bottles with 7 essential products for your homegrown cannabis plants. Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop.

This set contains nutrients and supplements that ensure optimal development of plants, which can show their full potential.

It also enhances the development of the root system and improves nutrient uptake, which causes explosive performance.

These products reinforce the plant's defences against stressing conditions, which develops stronger cell walls. In this way, your harvests will be more abundant and resinous.

This set of nutrients is suitable for all types of growing media, both soil and hydroponics. For 1m2.

BioGreen Starter Pack features:

  • 1x Bio1 Grow
  • 3x Bio 2 Bloom
  • 1x Biozym
  • 1x Calgel
  • 1x Pk13-14
  • 1x X-Bloom
  • 1x X-Rooting


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