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TRABE Bachumus Ecohemp C (Growth) - 1 L

BACHUMUS Ecohemp-C is indicated for those growers who are into biological growing and want to provide the plant with all the necessary nutrients for its optimal development. BACHUMUS Ecohemp-C facilitates the biological processes in the soil. It is a [...]

  • 9.40€

UGro Pot 9 - Pressed Coco 9 litre

UGro Pot 9L is a flexible growing bag, containing a 900g compressed brick of dried coco fibre enriched with Trichoderma to increase nutrient uptake and resistance to pests and diseases. The tough, UV-resistant bag acts as the growing container, and [...]

  • 3.75€

T.A. Seaweed (Ghe Bio Weed®)

Terra Aquatica present Seaweed (GHE Bio Weed), a natural growth stimulator for use in organic farming that harnesses the beneficial properties of seaweed to boost growth, increase vitality and reduce stress in cannabis plants. Formulated from 100% c [...]

  • 1 L26.90€

UGro Coco XL Rhiza

UGro Coco XL Rhiza, tablet of 30X30X12 cm, is a 5kg block of pressed and dehydrated thin coconut peat. Mixed with about 18 liters of water, the block turn into 70 liters of highest quality coco substrate. Its exceptional water retention properties, [...]

  • tablets of 70L 30x30x12 cm 13.40€

Kenpyr de Prot-Eco

Prot-Eco Kenpyr is a set of plant extracts of cinerariaefolium Chrisantenum plant extracts (Pyrethrins) against pests such as thrips, caterpillars, aphids, mealybug, whitefly... It acts by contact on adults and larvae, it is not selective. The produc [...]

  • 30ml (Product sold out)13.00€
  • 100ml (Product sold out)28.00€

Botanicare Pure Blend Tea

Alchimia Grow Shop presents here Botanicare's Pure Blend Tea, an easy-to-assimilate solution for plants grown in either hydroponic or soil systems that will enhance the organoleptic properties of your marijuana buds. Thus, Pure Blend Tea is composed [...]

  • 960 ml (Product sold out)20.50€


Messenger is a powerful bio-stimulating product for the natural defenses of the marijuana plant which simultaneously stimulates both growth and flowering up to the fourth week without affecting the taste or potency of the plant. Messenger details: [...]

  • 3 x 1 g (Product sold out)11.00€

Aptus Mycor Mix

Mycor Mix is a 100% organic mixture of different species of endomycorrhiza. The mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that act in symbiosis with the roots of marijuana plants . They act by attaching themselves to the root system by means of hyphae, funga [...]

  • 100 gr36.30€


The Bactrex is a mixture of 8 beneficial soil bacteria, mould of the genus Trichoderma and humic acid, to ensure protection against root pathogens, converting organic matter into humus and absorbing nitrogen from the air. Bacteria are unicellular or [...]

  • 50 gr26.00€

Soluble bacteria

Terralba's Soluble Bacteria are perfect to enhance the microbial life in the substrate, activating the composting process and facilitating its transformation into humus.This product is made in France by Marcel Mézy under the name of Bactériosol and [...]

  • 100g5.90€
  • 250g7.90€

Eco Bio Nutrient Kit

The Eco-Bio Nutrient Kit is a set of fertilizers that we have created based on the experience of our customers and our test crops. It is a combination of fertilizers, boosters and stimulants from different brands, which we decided to offer as kit of [...]

  • 59.00€

TRABE Urtifer nettle flour 450 gr

COMPOSITION of URTIFER: 100% Nettle (Urtica sp) extracted from organic farming. RECOMMENDED FOR: Prevention against foliar fungi, insect repellent and contact insecticide. Multi-corrector of deficiencies in iron (ferric clororis), sulfur, potassium [...]

  • 15.80€


Cinnaprot is a cinnamon extract (Cinnamomum zeylanicum). It contains a high percentage of organic matter and has a strong regenerative effect on the plant it is applied. Cinnaprot is a product right for the control of mites in various crops, also hav [...]

  • 30ml7.00€
  • 100ml17.00€

Botanicare Liquid Karma

Alchimiaweb presents here Botanicare's Liquid Karma, a plant supplement made from active organic compounds not found in other stimulators or boosters, and especially designed to be used during the whole cycle of cannabis plants. These compounds are [...]

  • 960 ml (Product sold out)42.60€

Organic Potassium Soap Mobet (formerly Sabonprot)

Mobet from Prot-Eco is a safe, natural, organic and completely biodegradable insecticide based on Potassium soap derived from saponified fatty acids. It is totally non-toxic and leaves no harmful residue. Primarily used for the control of insect pes [...]

  • 100 ml13.50€

TRABE AlgHemp-F (Flowering) - 5 L Seaweed

The properties of algae in intensive culture are very useful when looking for quality and high performance. This fertiliser is made from a selection of algae that contains lots of macro nutrients, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and plant hormo [...]

  • (Product sold out)64.00€

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