Biomineral Fertilizer Kit - The Hype

Biomineral Fertilizer Kit - The Hype
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The Hype Biomineral Kit is now available. In this kit we have added all the products of The Hype that create the perfect symbiosis for a crop with biomineral fertilizers. The products included in this kit are broken down below:

THE HYPE Derdekea 500ml: It is a mixture of organic-mineral nutrients designed to promote the good development of plants, as well as their lushness and health. Its components are easily assimilated and stimulate the plant's metabolism for a more abundant harvest.

THE HYPE Raziel Lite 250 ml: This is a liquid root stimulator based on specific amino acids and rooting bioconductors, which promotes the production of secondary and tertiary roots.

THE HYPE Metraton 500 ml: Growth biostimulant created to help plants withstand the stresses that occur during cultivation by giving the plant an extra dose of energy. It is based on saving energy to be used later for the creation of buds

THE HYPE Romiel 500 ml: Flowering stimulator designed to greatly improve the terpene and organoleptic capacity of marijuana plants, with an exclusive formula in which we find a cocktail of amino acids, fulvic acids, organic matter and carbohydrates.

THE HYPE Arkhas 500 ml: It is the PK Booster of The Hype. It contains several macronutrients specially chosen for their ability to improve the flowering of plants. In addition to these macronutrients, Arkhas also contains algae with high concentrations of plant phytohormones.

THE HYPE Barakiel 250 ml: A product that takes care of the roots and promotes high biological activity in the soil and substrates. The use of this product improves nutrient uptake throughout the life cycle of the plant and also maximises biological activity.

THE HYPE Samax 250 ml: Silicon supplement, an important element to strengthen the cell walls of plant tissue and thus improve the overall development of the plant. Thanks to this extra supply of silicon, plants become healthier, more resistant and vigorous, and of course more productive, whether we are talking about flowers or trichomes.

THE HYPE Erelim 500 ml: Highly nutritious product, designed to meet all the needs of our plants during the flowering phase, but also stands out for inducing a biostimulant effect on plants, accelerating their development, health and vigour.

Components of THE HYPE Biomineral Fertilizer KIT

  • THE HYPE Derdekea (growth fertilizer) 500 ml
  • THE HYPE Raziel Lite (rooting liquid) 250 ml
  • THE HYPE Metraton (biostimulant growth) 500 ml
  • THE HYPE Romiel (flower biostimulant) 500 ml
  • THE HYPE Arkhas (pk booster) 500 ml
  • THE HYPE Barakiel (enzymes) 250 ml
  • THE HYPE Samax (silicon) 250 ml
  • THE HYPE Erelim (Bloom fertilizer) 500 ml

Properties of Biomineral Fertilizer Kit - The Hype

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