Blunt Hemp Wrap Lion Rolling Circus

Alchimia presents Lion Rolling Circus hemp rolling paper, the Hemp Wraps to discover in our rolling paper catalogue for all Blunts lovers! Hemp Wraps 100% Natural Lion Rolling Circus Blunt Hemp Wrap manufacture is totally natural. Made from certifi [...]

  • Blueberry (Product sold out)1.25€
  • Bubble Gum1.25€
  • Chocolate (Product sold out)1.25€
  • Natural1.25€
  • Mango1.25€
  • Strawberry1.25€
  • Tequila1.25€

King Blunt

Alchimia presents King Blunts leaf rolls manufactured by aLeda. These Blunt leaf rolls are guaranteed not to contain tobacco or nicotine, so we can make the most of our grass flavours. Different flavours are available: Passion fruit, chocolate, wate [...]

  • Passion Fruit (Product sold out)1.70€
  • Chocolate (Product sold out)1.70€
  • Grape (Product sold out)1.70€
  • Strawberry (Product sold out)1.70€
  • Banana (Product sold out)1.70€
  • Watermelon (Product sold out)1.70€

Blunt Kush Herbal Warps

Alchimia presents Kush Herbal Warps, pre rolled herbal smoking shells with neutral or perfumed flavours, perfect for squeezing the maximum out of your harvest. Blunt Kush Herbal Warps, with 100% Canadian hemp Kush Herbal Warps shells do not co [...]

  • (Product sold out)2.00€
  • Kiwi-strawberry2.00€
  • Sweet (Product sold out)2.00€
  • Zero (Product sold out)2.00€

Conical Blunt Kush Herbal Warps

Alchimia presents the pre-rolled conical Blunt Kush Herbal Warps, with different flavours or neutral taste. So that you can use them with your harvest in an original way. Industrial Hemp manufacture Blunt Kush Herbal Warps sheets are made from Cana [...]

  • Original (Product sold out)2.00€
  • Kiwi-Strawberry (Product sold out)2.00€
  • Sweet (Product sold out)2.00€
  • Zero (Product sold out)2.00€

Juicy Jay's Juicy Hemp Wraps

Alchimia presents Juicy Jay's Juicy Hemp Wraps blunt wraps made from hemp, and containing no tobacco or nicotine. These two blunt wraps are sold individually wrapped in a re-sealable hermetic bag to preserve freshness and flexibility, and will allow [...]

  • Natural1.00€
  • Grape (Product sold out)1.00€
  • Mango Papaya1.00€
  • Tropical Passion1.00€
  • Blueberry1.00€
  • Strawberry (Product sold out)1.00€
  • Amarillo 1.10€
  • Eldorado1.10€
  • Purple Wave1.10€
  • Red Storm1.10€

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