We are glad to present here a Blunts special selection, for cannabis cigars lovers.

Originally the Blunt is a cigar made from the outer tobacco leaf, removing the tobacco from the inside and then filling it with our grass. So enjoying a massive and original joint compared to a joint made with conventional rolling paper.

Over time, this artisanal method inspired the manufacturers, who now offer a wide range of leaves to roll blunts of all kinds, flavoured or natural.

Blunt, a cannabis cigar

These leaves are available in different materials, and packed in containers that preserve their freshness.

We can find for example hemp blunts, green or brown in colour, offering from fruit flavours such as grapes, mango or blueberries to more original aromas such as tequila or chocolate.

Blunts offered in our catalogue at AlchimiaWeb do not contain tobacco or nicotine.

Blunt Hemp Wrap Lion Rolling Circus

Alchimia presents Lion Rolling Circus hemp rolling paper, the Hemp Wraps to discover in our rolling paper catalogue for all Blunts lovers! Hemp Wraps 100% Natural Lion Rolling Circus Blunt Hemp Wrap manufacture is totally natural. Made from certifi [...]

  • Blueberry1.40€
  • Bubble Gum1.40€
  • Natural1.40€
  • Mango1.40€
  • Strawberry1.40€
  • Tequila1.40€

Juicy Jay's Juicy Hemp Wraps

Alchimia presents Juicy Jay's Juicy Hemp Wraps blunt wraps made from hemp, and containing no tobacco or nicotine. These two blunt wraps are sold individually wrapped in a re-sealable hermetic bag to preserve freshness and flexibility, and will allow [...]

  • Original1.00€
  • Purple1.00€
  • Manic1.00€
  • Tropical1.00€
  • Blue1.00€
  • Red Alert1.00€
  • Amarillo 1.10€
  • Eldorado1.10€
  • Purple Wave1.10€
  • Red Storm1.10€

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