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Triple Goddess - Bodhi Seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present Triple Goddess by Bodhi Seeds, a cross between 3 Kings OG (Headband x Sour Diesel x Og Kush) and Snow Lotus, an easy to cultivate Indica / Sativa plant offering great results with a high psychedelic effect due to its TH [...]

  • 11 seeds (Out of stock)80.00€

Time Bandit - Bodhi Seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present Time Bandit by Bodhi Seeds, an Indica Sativa strain in regular format, a cross between WiFi 43 x 88G13 Hash Plant. An ideal plant for all growers, easy to cultivate, with good results, and a high psychedelic load with I [...]

  • 11 Seeds (Out of stock)80.00€

Sun Ra - Bodhi Seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present Sun Ra by Bodhi Seeds, a San Fernando Valley OG Kush x Wookie hybrid, easy to grow and with a generous yield rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Now available in our regular cannabis seeds catalogue. Sun Ra, SFV OG x Woo [...]

  • 11 seeds (Out of stock)80.00€

Sundance - Bodhi Seeds

Alchimia is happy to present Sundance by Bodhi Seeds, a Sativa Indica hybrid in regular format. It is the encounter between Lemon Thai and Wookie. An ideal cannabis plant for those who are looking for strains with strong lemony aromas and flavours wi [...]

  • 11 Seeds (Out of stock)80.00€

Soul Food - Bodhi Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop is pleased to present Soul Food by Bodhi Seeds, an Goji OG x G13 Hashplant hybrid easy to cultivate with top quality yields for any kind of grower, experienced or beginner. Now available in our regular cannabis seeds catalogue. So [...]

  • 11 seeds (Out of stock)80.00€

Cocoon - Bodhi Seeds

Alchimiaweb is very proud to present regular seeds of Cocoon from legendary US breeder Bodhi Seeds, a powerful and highly resinous hybrid of Loompa's Headband x Wookie #15, now available in our online catalogue of cannabis seeds. Cocoon Cannabis Str [...]

  • 11 seeds80.00€

Sakure - Bodhi Seeds

Sakure from Bodhi Seeds is a fast-flowering, indica-dominant hybrid of Bubba Kush (Katsu Cut) x Wookie #15 with highly resinous buds, intense grape & cherry aromas and a relaxing yet sociable effect. Now available online in our regular seed catal [...]

  • 11 seeds (Out of stock)80.00€

Wookie Orgasm - Bodhi Seeds

Alchimia is delighted to present Wookie Orgasm by Bodhi Seeds, a regular Indica/Sativa cannabis plant cross between Orgasmatron #7 and Wookie #15. It is easy to cultivate and provides excellent results with a powerful effect thanks to a high THC cont [...]

  • 11 Seeds80.00€

Space Monkey - Bodhi Seeds

Bodhi Seeds presents here Space Monkey, an encounter between Gorilla Glue #4 x Wookie #15, a hybrid characterised by its great resin production, a complex and penetrating aroma and a powerful effect. Now available in our regular cannabis seeds catalo [...]

  • 11 seeds (Out of stock)80.00€

Terpenado - Bodhi Seeds

Alchimia is glad to present Terpenado by Bodhi Seeds, an Indica Sativa cannabis plant, a cross between Strawberry Milk x Wookie. A perfect strain for those who love strong strawberry flavours and aromas. It is easy to cultivate, with first class resu [...]

  • 11 Seeds (Out of stock)80.00€

Strawberry Temple - Bodhi Seeds

We are pleased to present regular seeds of Strawberry Temple, a cross of Temple x Strawberry Milk by Bodhi Seeds offering large sticky flowers with citric Haze aromas, sweet fruity flavours and an inspirational effect. Now avaialble in our online see [...]

  • 11 seeds80.00€

Old Soul - Bodhi Seeds

Here we present you with Old Soul, a hybrid of Goji OG Pinesoul x Old Mother Ghani from Bodhi Seeds, the respected american artesanal breeder, now available as regular seeds in the online catalogue of cannabis genetics at Alchimia Grow Shop. Old Sou [...]

  • 11 seeds80.00€

Cherry Trance Reg - Bodhi Seeds

Alchimiaweb is pleased to present Cherry Trance by Bodhi Seeds, regular seeds of a powerful cross between Amnesia Trance and Cherry Kush that will delight balanced hybrid lovers. A strain now available in our cannabis seeds catalogue. Bodhi Seeds Ch [...]

  • 11 seeds (Out of stock)80.00€

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