Bomb Seeds

Bomb Seeds

Bomb Seeds is a seed bank based in the Netherlands. They have developed a high quality seeds range using THC Bomb as a base, the seed bank flagship. This variety has been crossed with the best cannabis market strains, carefully selected for a stable breeding work.

Bomb Seeds has the premise of maximising each strain most desirable traits, focusing on quality, quantity, potency and vigour so that all growers who enjoy these genetics in their indoor grow tents are fully satisfied.

In the seed catalogue we can find strains for all tastes and needs, powerful varieties with high THC levels, varieties with a large production both indoors and outdoors, or varieties with fast flowering and great vegetative vigour.

Bomb Seeds works so that the grower can access a wide range of effects and flavours. Also different cannabis formats and versions whether indicas, sativas, auto-flowering or therapeutic, all presented in its feminised and regular seeds catalogue.

Genetics with Old School essence

  • ChemDawg is one of the varieties used for these new hybrids development, a well-known variety all over the cannabic world for its powerful taste and effect. It's an old school genetics that still give plenty to talk about.
  • Banana Kush is a quality variety that offers Og flavours with a fruity banana aftertaste mixed with THC Bomb power and flavour. It produces a high resin concentration and an excellent indoors and outdoors yield.
  • Blueberry has been used to create Berry Bomb, inheriting this old but desired strain flavours and effects. Its flavours together with the THC Bomb power produces really powerful and tasty plants with quality old genes that never stop surprising.
  • Bubblegum is a very desirable strain that has contributed with great experiences. It has also been used and it is part of this seed bank genetic pool. It is well-known for its flavour and resin production, resulting after its crossing with THC Bomb, in a fantastic variety for Bubblegum sweetness and power fans.
  • Cherry Bomb is one of the bank productive bombs. Offering a powerful effect and a fruity flavour along with an excellent harvest in just 9 weeks of flowering. Its effect helps to open the mind and relax the body afterwards.
  • Edam Bomb is a cross between the well-known Cheese and (Bomb1 x Bomb3). It is a fast, productive, tasty and resinous variety. It has inherited the best characteristics of this well-known Skunk family characterised by its fantastic cheese flavour.
  • Gorilla Bomb is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and THC Bomb, standing out for its power and flavour. It is a delicious bomb for the palate and for the brain, offering long hours of endless laughter. It is also worth mentioning its high production.

Bomb Seeds, feminised and regular quality seeds

Bomb seeds offers fresh and quality seeds, with a scrupulous storage control where temperature and humidity are strictly controlled.

The seeds are selected manually ensuring the quality standard. Samples are collected at random to ensure their germination power which reaches levels of over 95%.

In our Alchimia catalogue you can find Bomb Seeds genetics such as THC Bomb, Gorilla Bomb, Cherry Bomb, Banana Bomb and Bubble Bomb among others.

UP TO 40%

Killer Purps

We present Bomb Seeds Killer Purps, a cannabis plant colourful purple strains lovers. This Sativa dominant hybrid is a cross between a rare Buzz Bomb phenotype and the well-known Sour Diesel, a classic High Times Cannabis Cup award-winning. Killer P [...]

  • 5 Seeds (Out of stock)36.80€ 33.10€
  • 10 Seeds66.70€ 40.00€

THC Bomb

We are glad to present THC Bomb by Bomb Seeds, a cannabis plant that as its name suggests is a real THC bomb, with a high THC level of 25%. It is now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue at This variety is the seed ban [...]

  • 5 Seeds42.55€
  • 10 Seeds78.20€

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