Botanicare Rhizo Blast
Botanicare Rhizo Blast
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Botanicare Rhizo Blast

Botnicare's Rhizo Blast is a highly efficient organic root stimulator that will surprise you since the very first application. Now available for you in Alchimia Grow Shop.

This product is made from seaweed in combination with an unicellular algae called Chlorella - grown by Botanicare - which acts as key element in this product.

Acting in combination with the other ingredients, Chlorella stimulates the production of a healthy and lush rootball, what helps the overall development of your cannabis crops, enhancing bud prodution and giving plants an exuberant green appearance.

Rhizo Blast from Botanicare features:

  • Natural root stimulator, explosive root growth
  • Promotes root branching and root hairs
  • Enhances growth vigour to achieve better yields
  • Suitable for soil, coco and hydroponic systems
  • Completely soluble, does not clog drippers
  • Can be applied via foliar to enhance leaf development
  • To use from the first stages of the plant, as soon as it creates the first roots
  • Dosage: 2ml/4l of water during growth until the 2nd week of flowering
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Properties of Botanicare Rhizo Blast

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