BHO Dome 14´5 mm

Grace Glass presents here this 14.5mm glass dome, ideal to replace the dome of your bubbler in case it results damaged. [...]

  • 10.00€ 6.00€

Adaptable silicone mouthpiece for bongs

Now available in Alchimiweb, these silicone mouthpieces perfectly fit in your bubblers or bongs so they remain clean and free from saliva and bacteria. They are especially convenient when several persons are sharing the same bubbler, since each pers [...]

  • 9.00€

BHO Dome 18 mm

Replacement dome made from borosilicate glass by Grace Glass, perfect for bubblers for BHO with 18mm joint. [...]

  • 10.00€ 6.00€

18mm metal clip for glass pipes

18mm metal clip for glass bubblers and bongs, designed to securely hold your bowls and glass joints. Already available in Alchimiaweb. This clip holds the glass accessories to prevent accidents. [...]

  • 5.60€

GG Titanium Domeless Nail - 14/18/29mm

This multi-size titanium domeless nail manufactured by Grace Glass can be used with any 14mm/18mm/29mm male or female joint. Already available in Alchimia Grow Shop. Its reversible fitting can be unscrewed and turned upside down to be used either as [...]

  • 48.00€ 33.60€

GG Bowl glass screen 18mm

Now you can purchase in Alchimiaweb these male or female bowls with 18.8mm joint manufactured by Grace Glass, which stand out for their built in glass screen. Thus, you can turn your bubbler with male joint into a pipe for hashish or buds, or use it [...]

  • Female8.50€ 5.10€

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler

Alchimia presents the Marley Natural smoked glass bubbler, a water pipe that offers very good filtration, and a large reserve of water, now available online in the Alchimiaweb smoking accessories catalogue. This Marley Natural smoked glass bubbler o [...]

  • 60.00€

Marley Natural Bubbler hybrid pipe

Alchimia invites you to discover this Bubbler by Marley Natural, a hybrid glass pipe that can be used as a Bubbler, but also as a traditional pipe, now online in the catalogue of glass pipes of Alchimiaweb. This glass piece is composed of a large co [...]

  • 99.95€

GG Drop Down adapter

Alchimiaweb presents here the 18mm Drop Down Adapter manufactured by Grace Glass, a male to female accessory which also keeps the bowl further from the downstem for a more comfortable handling. Furthermore, the BHO smoke condensates on the lower par [...]

  • GG Drop Down adapter - 18mm8.50€ 5.10€
UP TO 40%

Joint adapter

Alchimiaweb brings the 14 and 18mm male/female, male/male and female/male adapters, so you can use almost any accessory with your favourite glass bongs and bubblers. First, the 14/18mm Male/Female adapter is compatible with 14mm bubblers and suitabl [...]

  • Female 14mm - Male 18mm4.00€ 2.40€
  • Male 14 mm - Female 18 mm (Out of stock)5.50€
  • Male 14mm - Male 14mm7.50€ 5.25€

18mm-14mm joint reducer

This borosilicate glass joint enables the user to adapt any other accessory (18mm) for bubblers or bongs with smaller joints (14mm). Already available in Alchimiaweb. In this way, you can use a 18mm nail for BHO with bubblers with 14mm joint, thus g [...]

  • (Out of stock)12.00€

Bio LaPiLu bong cleaner

Now you have available in Alchimia Grow Shop this new cleaner for bongs and bubblers made of glass or plastic. Bio LaPilu has been designed to be efficient, biodegradable and environment-friendly. This product is perfect to remove resin and tar resi [...]

  • 100ml (Out of stock)4.20€ 3.35€

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